Kadoo™, Inc. Introduces Private Social File Sharing

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Announces Public Beta Featuring Ownership and Privacy for the Consumer Cloud

We have a much higher opinion of our users and saw a real need for consumers to be able to use the cloud on their own terms.

Kadoo, Inc, a leading innovator of consumer cloud-based technologies, today announced a public Beta of a consumer file cloud service that enables private social sharing. Kadoo is founded on respect for user privacy, and enables users to retain ownership and privately manage all of their files, information, applications, friends, and the relationships between them in the cloud. Development on the service began in 2008 after the company’s founders objected to the Terms of Service for other consumer-based cloud services.

“People said we were crazy when we started designing the Kadoo engine,” admits Kurt Baumann, CEO. “We were the only ones talking about privacy at the time. A number of well-respected industry experts said that consumers didn't care about privacy and never would. We have a much higher opinion of our users and saw a real need for consumers to be able to use the cloud on their own terms. In the past, the cost of entry meant that users gave up more personal information than they should… simply because there wasn’t an alternative that respected their rights. Frankly, privacy isn’t possible unless users retain ownership of their files and personal information. We are passionate about our users’ right to privacy. You deserve to keep what is yours.”

Unlike other services, Kadoo does not claim use or ownership of users’ files or determine how that content will be used, distributed, or shared in the cloud. Kadoo’s design automatically defaults to a private setting during the file upload process. Web crawlers cannot index any information stored on Kadoo unless a user chooses to make those files public. Also, unlike some other services, Kadoo deletes a user’s files when requested. A drag and drop interface makes file sharing easy.    

Mikki Barry, privacy advocate and Internet policy pioneer is Kadoo’s Privacy advisor. She observes, “Recent events have shown that users care very much about their privacy. We were excited to see the positive reception Diaspora’s founders received in creating a social network based on privacy. We want to welcome them to the area of private social sharing. Diaspora’s rapid funding is a clear indication that the concerns for file ownership and online privacy have accelerated."

"Its time to face facts. Even though established companies are talking about improving their privacy practices, those services still profile their users by indexing personal information and the contents of their files. They use this now ‘proprietary’ information to their advantage by driving revenue through targeted advertising and other mechanisms. They profit on what rightfully belongs to their customers. Kadoo's respect for users makes all the difference,” continues Barry.

In the legacy model, the monetization of consumers’ information is big business with the benefit going to companies that users may not even know have their data. Unless users are savvy enough to change privacy settings in those models, consumers give personal information away without tacit consent. Ownership and control go hand-in-hand. Kadoo’s users are informed as to exactly what data is being used and how, and can maintain control of their information.

About Kadoo: Kadoo™ is a cloud-based, file sharing service for consumers grounded in the principles of information ownership, privacy, and control. Kadoo enables users to own and privately manage all their files, information, applications, friends, and the relationships between them through the Kadoo Cloudtop™. Kadoo’s users register and upload their files once, and, with their permission, access and use their files in the applications, web, and mobile services offered by Kadoo Backstage™ developers. The Kadoo environment is a proven system with roughly 160 million file views a month (documents, photos, videos and audio files) and over 2 million users. Kadoo was founded in 2008.

Kadoo Backstage is a cloud-based, open development community where developers create applications, web, and mobile services without the expense of buying and managing infrastructure. The Kadoo Backstage APIs include a File Cloud, a User Cloud, and a Billing Cloud that work seamlessly with all applications, web, and mobile services regardless of device or platform. Developers can bring their applications, web, or mobile services to market without having to host their files, create a billing solution, or database for user information. For more information, visit http://www.kadoo.com and http://backstage.kadoo.com.

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