Desert Burning - Desert Storm Novel Receives Favorable Reviews

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On August 2, 1990 the world was rocked with the message that Kuwait had been invaded by Iraq. For eight months the world held its breath as it prepared for the "mother of all battles." Thomas T. Fields has resurrected the events of that time in his new novel, Desert Burning. This historically accurate novel follows Ted Atcheson and his civilian friends as they cope with their world being consumed by a military build-up of monumental proportions. This build-up eventually lead to the explosion of SCUDS overhead, major oil spills and a demand to keep the oil flowing to the troops and the free world.

"Desert Burning brought back so many memories of what it was like during the build-up to Desert Storm." Loren Schoenholtz, Aramco Veteran-Clippers Captain "That period in my life was very strenuous and it brought back vivid memories." Roger Gerrard.

On August 2, 1990 tiny Kuwait was invaded by Iraq and for eight months the world held its’ breath as the world joined together to build a coalition force that would ultimately be called on to free Kuwait. Thomas T. Fields, Jr. was working and living in Saudi Arabia at the time of the invasion. Twenty years following the war that is referred to as Operation Desert Storm, Fields has released a novel to commemorate this epic campaign.

According to Fields the Novel is at least 97% accurate. Dates and places are accurate. The excitement of the civilians as the troops arrive in Arabia is captured as is the sorrow of the families as they are split apart when wives and children are sent out of Kingdom. The terror of the SCUD attacks as well as the largest oil spill at that time are depicted in their true form.

Desert Burning is published by XLIBRIS and is available through XLIBRIS, and The book is produced in paperback, hardback and e-book versions.

Desert Burning has received several favorable reviews. One is from Our History Project, Inc. This organization is dedicated to history and those individuals that enjoy it. Top Book Reviewers provided a second review. These reviews follow:

“In Desert Burning, Thomas T. Fields, Jr. sparks a fast paced epic sure to become a classic of the era. The story follows Ted Atcheson as he struggles with family, work and an imposing war that he unknowingly will be caught in the middle of. Desert Burning gives you the insight of the military and non-military personnel who were on the ground at the time of invasion of Kuwait . While keeping you in the middle of the action with the characters he weaves a suspenseful intrigue that will appeal to both historical and suspense readers alike.

The book follows a deliberate sequence of events that will leave you on the edge of your seat through dated and timed events that will keep you interested, I actually found myself making the pace faster because of this, which may sound strange but was exhilarating for me. The development of the story and characters were masterfully done in a way that I cared for them, sharing the emotions they went through and found myself wanting to jump chapters just to find out what happens.

Desert Burning is a great story that will capture the hearts and minds of the readers and will be on your bookshelf for years to come. An instant favorite that you will read again and again.”

Craig Anderson
Our History Project, Inc.

Total Book Reviewers provided the following review.
Desert Burning is written by Thomas T. Fields Jr., who also wrote the entertaining biography I Called Him Grand Dad. This time Thomas delves into fiction with a bit of fact thrown in. The story revolves around one central character, Ted Atcheson, who is contracted to work for a large oil firm in Saudi Arabia just before the Kuwait invasion by Iraq. Written in a timeline style, Ted recounts his emotions and anxieties of not only himself, but also his family back in the states and co-workers as they sit right next door to an escalating war.

Halfway into the novel, I started to remember how I felt as the whole world was glued to CNN watching the first televised real-time war. Thomas does this by building good characters that are life like. Sometimes almost too life like. The story does drag in parts with too much detailed information in certain places with everyone questioning what will happen next and no build up to the next chapter. What it does show though is that in most stressful situations, humans have a tendency to either be helpful or take advantage. Thomas graphically writes about both with excerpts of real human emotion. For example, Ted and co-workers venturing out into the desert to befriend the nervous troops and also the dark side of the war that we never saw on TV played out in Kuwait.

Also through Ted, we explore the morality of why certain men decide that work takes precedence over family. Ted justifies work, even in deadly situations. In the meantime his spouse, family and co-workers argue and anguish over his foolish decisions made without seemingly much thought.

The lasting thing that Desert Burning leaves us with is a non-military perspective of a war that was, to most of us, just memories of televised events.
ISBN10: 1-4535-4270-1 (eBook )
ISBN13: 978-1-4535-4270-5 (eBook )
ISBN10: 1-4535-4268-X (Trade Paperback 6x9 )
ISBN13: 978-1-4535-4268-2 (Trade Paperback 6x9 )
ISBN10: 1-4535-4269-8 (Trade Hardback 6x9 )
ISBN13: 978-1-4535-4269-9 (Trade Hardback 6x9 )

Pages : 245
Book Format :Trade Book 6x9

Subject :FICTION / Historical


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