Latest U.S. Housing Data Has Volatile Effects On The Forex Market

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The Forex Market can be influenced strongly by the United States Dollar. As one of the most traded currencies in the world, housing data, economic growth and interest rates in the United States has a strong influence on the Forex Market. This article focuses on the current United States mortgage and housing and how that affects Forex customers worldwide.

InvestTechFx, the leading ½ PIP Forex company offering MetaTrader4 Platform, reports that currently in the United States, the housing mortgage is being affected by government intervention. Within the past 12 months, the United States government took control of 95% of existing mortgages as private companies charged too much interest, which led to a crisis in which many people had to sell their houses at a loss. This issue is very important as mortgage and housing data can lead to economic growth or decline, which in turn affects the Forex Market. Considering that the most traded currency in the world is the United States Dollar, InvestTechFx believes that it is important to be aware of the housing and mortgage situation in the United States so that investors can make wise decisions when trading currency.

InvestTechFx, the leading Non Dealing Desk and Straight Through Processing Forex Company offering ½ PIP spread on the Six Majors, further states that the United States government will combine two of the biggest private mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are now under government control. This will allow the interest levels to remain low while homeowners can pay off their mortgage. The combined debt will lower, which will allow the United States economy to recover and grow and allow the Forex market to profit as more investors will be able to join and trade profitably on the USD, amongst other currency pairs.

InvestTechFx, the leading ½ PIP Forex company offering the use of Expert Advisors, also notes that there are critics of the government controlled plan that President Obama implemented in the United States to control the housing market by lowering cost of monthly payments to families experiencing financial difficulties. Many people dislike the plan and have trouble with payments. When deciding on giving loans to people for mortgages, one of the bank's primary responsibilities is to run financial checks on potential customers to make sure that they will be eligible to receive mortgage. Unfortunately, in many cases, this did not happen in the United States and customers were given loans without having their credentials checked. Thus, they were unable to meet the requirements and failed to make payments bringing the house prices down and selling at a loss.

InvestTechFx, the leading ½ PIP Forex company offering MetaTrader4 Platform, recommends that it would be a wise decision for investors to continue to keep informed regarding United States housing market and mortgages as the results of the plans implemented by government start to take hold and bring debt down while economy grows. Investors will benefit as the United States Dollar will be strong and they can perform trades that brings in profit. As the United States economy recovers from the housing market crisis and starts to become stronger, the Forex Market also benefits and becomes stronger as more customers will join to take advantage of the amazing low spreads that are offered.


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