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A large number of dental labs do not take advantage of the Internet and with every new graduating class of tech- savvy dentists more and more get left behind. Dentists use the web for all kinds of reasons from visiting dentistry-related web pages, to reading online journals, to contributing to online forums. Whatever the experience, it is easy to appreciate the web’s vital role in the dental community.

Evident Dental Lab Management Software

The dental industry is evolving and embracing the web as the fastest track to success.

A website places a signpost on the web for people to find your lab. Adding a virtual storefront by working with a company like Evident for Dental Lab Management takes the web site to the next level by sharing case information with the practice electronically. It’s like adding an ATM to your lab instead of insisting every inquiry be handled by lab staff. The two together generate online traffic and that opens the door to the web’s unique marketing opportunities.

For every dental lab that doesn’t already have a website, now is the time. A web page provides a wealth of industry or product information, or simply serves as a signpost telling the world how to get in touch. To choose what kind of website to build, visit a variety of sites, including competitors’ sites, and incorperate what is useful and appealing. This is also a good way to find a web designer as most sites display the name of the web designer on the Home Page. Web pages vary in cost depending on how much functionality the site contains and how professional it appears. A dental lab website is a window to the world. Better to save money by having a simple but impressive site than something that looks home made.

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a dental lab website
1.    Keep the site uncluttered and professional
2.    Avoid needless animations or sound tracks
3.    Value-add with links to other sites like dental associations and resource pages but vet your links – a link to an inactive or outdated site makes the dental lab website look out-of-touch. Beware of humorous links as content often changes and can be inappropriate.
4.    Include content that makes the visit relevant, unique and worthwhile
5.    Differentiate the lab on a process, product, service, price, etc.
6.    Make contact information complete and easy to find.
7.    Avoid using ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘you’ and keep all of the information factual.
8.    Don’t make the website interactive unless you have the time to interact!
9.    Design the site to accommodate a virtual storefront.
10.    Google search results are affected by the key words and content of the website. Think about what dentists might use as search terms - dental lab, dental laboratory, dental insurance, dental implants, dental clinic, dentist, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, etc and include those terms on the dental lab site. Similarly, if a dentist is looking for a lab, the choice may be geographic, by city and state or province.

A virtual store-front gives the lab instant technological credibility and added customer service easily and economically. Evident Dental Lab Software offers the ‘Dentist Gateway’ that allows dental labs electronic lab access for their customers. There are two Dentist Gateway options; Evident provides a generic gateway, or the gateway can be integrated with the lab website. The difference between the two options to the lab is minimal but the difference to the dentist is profound. Using Evident’s generic gateway puts the emphasis on “Evident” whereas hosting the Evident Gateway through the dental lab website promotes loyalty with every visit by reinforcing the lab brand. The upfront cost of the Evident Gateway is small and there are no transaction costs, nor does it require special hardware or special Internet services.

A website with a dentist gateway opens the door to new revenue. Customers visit the lab website repeatedly to review their cases and account details, opening the door to targeted, web-based marketing. This can include announcements, specials, education, newsletters, etc. Dental labs can even monitor how effective their website is and alter their marketing efforts accordingly.

Evident is a web based dental lab management system designed to help dental labs in all areas including management, production, marketing and record keeping. The Evident Dentist Gateway is one of many features Evident offers that help labs serve more dentists with greater ease.

For more information on the products and services Evident provides please call 1877 909 7770 or visit http://www.evidentlabs.com.


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