How to Text Women to Get Dates: Why are Men Still Making these Mistakes?

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As more and more adults text more often, most men still fail 9 out of 10 times to get a date when they text women. An insider’s look on the reasons why and on how to text women.

The cell phone has become an important part of everyone’s daily life. Heck, most people can’t imagine a life without a cell phone! People have obviously always used their phones to call others, but the text message was mostly a thing for teens. Until now.

Research firm Pew Research has released a report on adults and how they use their cell phone. The study shows that the number of adults sending and receiving text messages has increased from 65 percent to 72 percent since this time last year. The report also shows that 5 percent of all adults send 200 or more messages per day, every single day!

Top dating coach for men Dennis Miedema was one of the first to comment on the findings:

“All these text messages, billions of them worldwide, are sent every day and yet almost no single guy knows that getting a date by texting women is possible! Most guys tried it once or twice and then gave up, but if they don’t know how to text women then does that mean all men on the planet can’t get a date by texting women? Hell no! Men simply need to know the mistakes so they don’t ruin their own chances to get a date, because lots of men don’t know what they are doing wrong! Why are men still making these mistakes? They really don’t have to!”

To help single guys, Dennis Miedema wants to ask men everywhere if they are making these mistakes when they’re texting women. He starts to explain how to text women with:

“If men want to know how to text women, then they first have to realize that texting women is not a substitute for calling women. Here’s the deal: when a guy gets a girl’s phone number and he texts her the day after instead of calling, guess what the girl will think? She will think the guy doesn’t have the balls to call her, that he’s insecure. So men should not text women the first time after getting women’s phone numbers!”

Then Dennis provides a solution: “It’s better to make a quick call, create some more attraction, and then get the date with text messages. Why? Because texting with a woman forces her to wait and hope for a response after she replies to a guy’s text message, which creates sexual tension because when exactly the guy will text back is unpredictable. And unpredictable is attractive to women: bad boys are 100% unpredictable for example…”

Dennis Miedema continues with: “Speaking of calling women and how it relates to texting women: text messages can be a perfect way to test if a woman’s available to talk on the phone! All men have to do is grab their phone, send a woman a text message, and the moment she replies? They will know she has time to talk or she wouldn’t text back. This is a good way around one of the biggest disadvantages of calling women: not knowing if the call is made at a bad time or not, so not knowing if a woman’s busy or not. With this text message test men are able to know when they can call women and when they can’t, which makes asking women out over the phone a whole lot easier because there won’t be that many voicemails to be bothered by anymore! If men want to know how to text women and why it’s a smart idea, they should start to see the light by now.”

Then Dennis Miedema explains a third mistake men make when they’re texting women:

“Most single guys forget that text messages are all about, surprise surpise, text! They can only talk to women and boost the attraction by using text and this leads to many, many misunderstandings. For example: how does a woman know when a guy is being serious, being a jerk, or just teasing her? She doesn’t know, which can result in arguments, her rejection of the guy, and other bad stuff. The trick is that guys should give text messages the meaning they want them to have by using emoticons. By using the :P emoticon for example, they can clearly let a woman know that they’re in a playful mood and only teasing her. Not using :P could mean a woman thinks they’re insulting her because they’re angry or something along those lines…”

He goes on to say: “But not only do guys stop misunderstandings, arguments, and rejection by women when they use emoticons. There’s more to how to text women. By using emoticons men can also give their text messages a much bigger impact, simply because attraction is a feeling based on emotions and using emoticons means putting more emotion into a text message! As one can see: more emotion means more attraction, especially if emoticons are used to tease women.”

Dennis Miedema gives away one more clue about how to text women: “When one talks about the dating game, one has to understand that women test men to see if they are genuinely interested in them. Not showing a genuine interest means getting rejected. Men should remember that when they’re texting women, because there are certain moments where they can show a genuine interest without much effort! For example: women tend to think about the things and people that matter the most as they lay in bed thinking about their day, right before they fall asleep. If a guy sends a woman a kiss good night, he shows a genuine interest in her, he will be the last thing she thinks about before she falls asleep, and she will think he’s a romantic guy. Women love this! These 3 things are all things that make women feel more attracted to men, which is why men should start sending text messages with good night kisses every damn night!”

He concludes: “Once men everywhere start remembering and using the tips for texting women that were just shared, then they will be able to get dates when they’re texting women 9 out of 10 times instead of failing 9 out of 10! That makes using a phone only for calling women a stupid… a real stupid idea. The quantity of text messages is growing and now it’s time for the quality to improve, especially in the dating game.”

Dennis Miedema is the author of The Simple Inner Game System and a trusted authority on dating advice for men. During the last 2 years, he has helped at least 2,321 men approach 18,568 women, get 4,642 phone numbers, and go on 1,547 dates. If not more.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (an association for dating instructors) and dating gurus such as Carlos Xuma, Nick Savoy and Adam Lyons for giving top notch quality dating advice for men from a unique perspective.

He has spoken in front of hundreds of single guys on such topics as how to text women, asking women out over the pone, how to get women’s phone numbers, how to keep a relationship interesting by using the phone and more. As more and more people keep sending more text messages, he hopes that men everywhere will take the time to learn how to text women so they can get more dates without much effort.

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