Fledgling URL Shortener Leaps to Top 1% Most Visited Sites on Web in Just 2 Months

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Dominating URL Shortener web and news with incredible press since July, articles in VentureBeat, NEWSDAY, the NYTIMES and their own press releases, upstart OneCent.US has captured the hearts of Patriotic Americans on Twitter, gaining over 2,400 followers in just 8 weeks, about half that of world champ bit.LY.

Dominating URL Shortener web and news with incredible press since July, articles in VentureBeat, NEWSDAY, the NYTIMES and their own press releases, upstart OneCent.US has captured the hearts of Patriotic Americans on Twitter, gaining over 2,400 followers in just 8 weeks, about half that of world champ bit.LY.

"10 Best URL Shorteners and Why They Are Good." (tripwiremagazine.com/2010/06/10-best-url-shorteners-and-why-they-are-good.html) is an excellent article," says OneCent.US owner Bill Purkins, "but already outdated."

Launched just July 4th, 2010, OneCent.US claims fifteen more than top competition, and is a dot US domain with a patriotic theme, donating 90% of advertising revenue to charities that users cast ballots for each time they use it.

"It just sort of happened," Purkins said. "We noticed some prominent, politicians on Twitter, even the President, using foreign domain name URL shorteners. i.e. bit.LY. LY is the country code for Libya. News organizations, TV, radio shows, charities, neswpapers with 'America' or 'US' in their names. We poked some fun, I mean US is 2 characters too. Why not support an American domain? Some people were offended so we lightened up but still think it's hilarious."

Purkins compared Mr. Betonio's well explained though subjective evaluations to some hard cold facts about the competition as he sees it vs. OneCent.US. Using information from the Tripwire article, statistics from URLdogg.com, a web ranking site, and his own site's features and personal comments, he now claims OneCent.US as the true leader in the URL shortening business in "functionality, friendliness and warm fuzzies."

1 to 4 below are the June article's top 4 URL shorteners. "Most visited site" rankings and "pageviews" are from URLdogg.com. Purkins' comments follow.

01. Su.pr - 7,970th most visited site on the internet. 137,309 pageviews daily. Some estimates put the total number of worldwide websites at 105 million, so under 1 million on a URLdogg.com rating is in the top 1% percentile, or, fairly elite.

Purkins' comments on Su.pr: "You have to join. Then if you don't stay signed in? You have to sign on every time you go back. Nice site, but potentially irritating. You have to give up personal information."

02. Ow.ly - 3,214th most visited site. 340,495 pageviews.

Purkins notes: "CAPTCHA box on first page. Tedious."

03. bit.LY - 154th most visited site 7,106,192 pageviews.

Purkins: "Great site. Simple, elegant, intuitive. Best of breed for ease of use and cotton candy colors and big fonts. But? Nothing special. A nice bookmarklet sidebar."

04. Is.gd - 9,251st most visited site.118,295 pageviews.

Purkins: "Simple. Love it. No customization option though. No tracking either."

Onecent.us - 613,570th most visited site. 1,783 pageviews.

"Features over and above basic URL shortening, customization and free tracking are what make any URL shortener a serious player," Purkins argues.

"Remember. We're only 8 weeks old. That's when puppies get weaned." said Purkins. "We're growing every day and still tripping over our big paws as we learn."

OneCent.US features the top FOUR don't have (according to Purkins' best knowledge):

1) Select a charity for OneCent.US to donate to when you shorten a URL, or their bookmarklet provides your default favorite.

2) Categorize URLs for NEWS and other silos. i.e. News, Politics, etc...

3) onecentdotus follows you back on Twitter, also retweets RT requests if deemed newsworthy or relevant. "If it's a link though to some hot rich socialite's latest homemade (ahem) excercise or honeymoon tape, we likely won't." laughed Purkins. "Bit.LY? They follow 2 people. One is themselves at bitlytv. Snobbish?

4) Add a brand prefix/company name to precede your URLs with so people know it's you.

5) Add a suffix, similarly.

6) Movie style ratings: Optionally tack on RatedG RatedR, RatedX. "If we detect adult content in a link? We add RatedX automatically. Who else does that?"

7) Set redirect wait time (default is 0, or number of seconds to allow user to see a message that we're making a donation to a selected charity and optionally your own content."

8) Add SEO to your page. Title, description and keywords to help get it indexed higher in search engines.

9) Content to show on redirect screen (any length), accepts HTML.

10) Instead of plain redirects, create short URLs for preformatted emails to customize and send recommendations to friends or perhaps opinions to a Congressman.

11) Advertisers name their own price, as low as 1¢ US a day. "Advertisers are saving a fortune."

12) Custom userpages. Free hosting for as long as OneCent.US is in business. Totally customizable.

13) Customer service with ten ways of contact. "Bit.LY doesn't even have a customer service phone. Ha."

14) New, "since we generate an HTML page and a folder with the short or customer link name, you can now download this source and email it back to us after customizing it any way you want! Use our or your own SEO, add graphics, your own brand look and feel, change the page from a simple redirect to a custom landing, squeeze, content or opt in page. The possibilities are endless."

15) Also new, "We have established a few 'silos,' silo being an SEO term for a distinctively focused topic or brand within a give web site. In other words, you can now make custom links, so you can call your link:

http://OneCent.US/NEWS/Read_this_Fox_News_Story or something.

This is a move to ensuring that links in our NEWS section will actually be news through user good faith as well as interrogating link URLs and actual page content.

Purkins ended, "And it's all free. People with vision see where we're heading, and it's far beyond just URL shortening and monetizing the demographics data. We also have affiliates in a variety of categories we are reselling for."

For more information, employment opportunities, advertising information, affiliate plans or if you are a charity that would like to be listed on the site, visit http://OneCent.US, onecentdotus(at)yahoo(dot)com, or call 631-455-8756. OneCent.US is privately held, and is the parent company of the OneCent.US Group of Companies, based in Deer Park, Long Island, NY.

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