New Plano-based GeoSource Solutions Helps Homeowners Achieve Major Savings on Monthly Energy Costs

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North Texas homeowners can save 30-70 percent of monthly energy bills with geothermal heating and cooling system available now through a new Plano-based operation - GeoSourceSolutions

Three North Texas residential construction executives have launched GeoSource Solutions to help homeowners save 30- 70 percent of their monthly energy bills by installing geothermal heating and cooling systems in their homes.

"Energy costs continue to rise," said Kris Maag, operations manager of GeoSource Solutions. "Geothermal heat pump systems allow you to use the earth's energy to heat and cool your home and reduce monthly electric bills to a fraction of what they are with conventional HVAC systems."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geothermal systems are the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective heating and cooling systems available today.

"Geothermal systems are available for both existing single family homes and new construction," Maag added. " These systems typically require a larger initial investment, but they do provide a positive return-on-investment in as little as five years. Another financial benefit is the increased resale value of the home."

In addition to the 30-70 percent savings on monthly bills, homeowners now can take advantage of a 30 percent federal tax credit for installing geothermal systems.

He noted Texas also offers many tax and utility incentives, rebates and programs to encourage the use of geothermal systems, thus making the greener alternative even more affordable.

Geothermal heat pumps harness the constant underground temperature of the earth to provide heating, cooling and hot water at high efficiencies.

In the summer, the geothermal heat pump absorbs heat from the air in a home and transfers it to water circulating in underground piping. The heat is absorbed by the earth and provides cool, dehumidified air. In winter, water circulating in the underground piping absorbs heat from the earth and carries it to the heat pump where it is concentrated and returned as warm air throughout the home.

"We saw great potential for this product and for a consumer service that understands not only the geothermal system but also home construction and customer service," said Maag. "Our ownership group offers more than 46 years of new-home construction management experience. Besides teaming up with Energy Star-rated equipment manufacturers and IGSHPA-certified installers, our business model focuses on efficient, effective operations always placing the customer first."

Maag added: "Geothermal systems are a green technology that preserves our natural resources by lessening our dependency on fossil fuels. These systems also generate far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional furnaces. In addition, geothermal technology emits the lowest amount of CO2, providing a solution to global warming by utilizing the natural energy of the earth. It also provides a safer indoor air quality because it completely eliminates a potential source of dangerous carbon monoxide in the home."

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Kris Maag, owner and operations manager, handles the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a member of IGSHPA and is a Certified Installer of geothermal systems. He has 12 years experience in the single family construction industry with a Big Four public homebuilder where he was vice president of operations and vice president of regional purchasing. He managed the construction of hundreds of homes in the D/FW market where he developed a keen understanding of contracting, quality control and attention to detail.

Bryan Worth is an owner and manages construction activities for GeoSource Solutions. He is a member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and a Certified Installer of these systems. He has 16 years of construction experience including ten with a Big Four public homebuilder as well as four with a large private builder in operational management positions. Mr. Worth has managed the construction and remodeling of hundreds of homes.

Steve Lenart, majority owner of GeoSource Solutions, assists in the overall management of the company. He also is owner of Lenart Development Company L.L.C. founded in 2006. He has 18 years of experience in single family construction including 14 years with a Big Four public homebuilder where he held executive positions including director of construction and land division president. He has overseen the development and construction of thousands of homes in the D/FW market.


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