The "STIGs" Secret Weapon Revealed

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Device Used By Top Drivers For Safety And Better Performance

The British Press recently announced that the white-suited mystery driver known to millions around the world as "The Stig" in the hit TV series, Top Gear, is none other than top ranked race and stunt driver Ben Collins. Collins, the stunt driving double for 007 in James Bond's “Quantum of Solace” and other top box office blockbusters always secures himself with a CG-Lock safety device when he can’t use racing harnesses. He uses the device saying "Sliding forwards or laterally in the seat when driving isn’t just frustrating, it’s also dangerous. In the event of a sudden avoidance reaction, hard braking or a collision, the lack of movement from use of the CG-Lock can make all the difference in avoiding injury."

Now widely used by the motion picture stunt industry as well as performance drivers all over the world, when using stock seat belts, the CG-Lock continues to gain recognition for its ability to greatly improve driver control, while more safely securing drivers in their seats. Moreover, the technology is recognized to enhance the driving experience for those with back problems. In the UK 90% of osteopaths asked recommend the CG-Lock for seat belt users to reduce back pain. "While we are elated with the acceptance our CG-Lock has received by top drivers like The Stig, as well as by osteopaths," states Charles Carter, CEO of LBC, developers of the CG-Lock technology, "we are really excited with the application of the CG-Lock technology for child safety in our newest product, SeatSnug."

Seat Snug is an aftermarket device that can easily be added to a stock seat belt to enhance seat belt performance and to enhance the safety and comfort of children riding in booster seats. Crash tested and recipient of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, the SeatSnug device reduces the risk of injury to children in auto accidents. “If 007 and The Stig use the CG-Lock technology to safely secure themselves with seat belts then moms, dads, grand-moms and grand-pops should want to secure their loved-ones with SeatSnug", says Carter.

Carter recently announced a major national SeatSnug initiative entitled "Snug Up America" aimed at promoting greater child passenger safety and awareness. In announcing this initiative, Carter stated, “Children are our most precious resource. As parents and concerned adults, it is our responsibility to keep children safe as they are met with numerous hazards growing up in a world built for adults. This is especially true today for children riding in motor vehicles, where 'one-size-fits all' seats and seat belts designed to fit adults are not designed to fit children and their fragile bodies. Our Snug Up America Campaign emphasizes the importance of properly securing children while riding in booster seats to make certain the lap belt is properly maintained snug over their upper thighs to enhance their safety in the event of an accident."

The Snug Up America campaign is being launched to coincide with National Child Passenger Safety Week sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration slated for September 19-25. To join SeatSnug in helping to raise awareness by educating others on child passenger safety issues and the available solutions visit and click on the “Snug Up America” button to see how you can make a difference.

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. is the developer of the proven, patented and crash tested CG-Lock technology. Its aftermarket products, the CG-Lock and SeatSnug, are designed to enhance driver control, improve safety, reduce injuries in vehicular accidents and save lives. The CG-Lock, which has been certified for SCCA events, is used widely by the Hollywood stunt industry and has been featured in a series of sports car magazines. SeatSnug has been featured on ABC and the Fox News TV channels.


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