O&O Defrag 14 – Optimizes SSDs, Regardless of Manufacturer

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Fully automatic defragmentation for the home user, professional settings for power users and application across enterprise networks: O&O Defrag offers everything to ensure the sustainable and maximum speed of any computer. With O&O Defrag 14 it is now possible for the very first time to optimize SSDs regardless of the manufacturer, making SSD access much faster and minimizing the physical wear to the flash devices.

Quick configuration for getting started easily

O&O Defrag 14 can optimize SSD drives, a world’s first.

O&O Defrag 14 will be available in a Professional Edition, Server Edition and Workstation Edition. As with previous versions, central network control for the O&O Defrag 14 Workstation and Server Editions will be through the O&O Enterprise Management Console.

New and enhanced functions

Quick configuration for getting started easily:
Navigation in O&O Defrag 14 was designed to coincide with most user scenarios, so almost all important jobs can be performed intuitively. O&O Defrag’s new Quick Configuration allows users to defragment their computer right after installation, or, with just a few mouse clicks, schedule to have it done automatically later on.

Automatic defragmentation:
A periodic defragmentation is the key for maintaining a maximum performance level. There’s no longer any need for running a manual defragmentation every time; O&O Defrag offers a clever scheduling feature which does the job for the user. Using defragmentation jobs, users can define the starting point, the action, and other parameters for any defragmentation. Jobs can be created, changed or deleted, and if a job isn’t needed at that moment but will be at a later stage, it can simply be disabled. The job will not be run until the user enables it again.

Optimizing Solid State Drives (SSDs) regardless of manufacturer:
O&O Defrag can optimize SSD drives, a world’s first. Through the use of periodic ATA TRIM commands, Solid State Drives will be kept informed of those disk areas that are not being used. The drive will then be able to use these free areas for a drive-internal optimization of data management, instead of as a storage location for the contents of data that is no longer needed. After optimization, SSDs will be able to access data faster and minimize the wear on flash chips.

Data filed into speed zones:
Sorting drives into zones results in a logical separation of the database into performance-critical and non-critical files. Depending on their designated use and access frequency, files are divided and moved into zones. System and program files that have to be accessed quickly, for example, will be separated from data such as documents and downloads. As a result of separating files based on how often they need to be written, it’s possible to intelligently prevent fragmentation from occurring. Thanks to this logical organization of files, system and program starts require less time, successive defragmentation is done significantly faster, and the fragmentation of program files is completely avoided.

Optimized control of the speed zones:
By using Rules, a user can arrange files on a drive to suit individual needs. In addition to different zone classifications, the user can also individually set the optimal Defrag strategy for each zone. This mean O&O Defrag can even extract maximum performance from disk areas that have very special requirements.

Power Management for Netbooks and Notebooks:
As soon as such mobile machines are no longer connected to the mains, the defragmentation is interrupted in order to conserve battery life and duration.

O&O Defrag across a network

The O&O Enterprise Management Console enables administrators to manage O&O Defrag from a central location across their network. It not only allows defragmentation tasks to be run on individual computers or servers, and all groups, but also the remote installation and updating of O&O Defrag. All events are recorded in detailed reports and stored in the database, so that the success of a task can be monitored at any time.

Price and availability

The Upgrade from a previous version or competing commercial product to O&O Defrag 14 Professional Edition costs $29.95, with the full version costing $49.95. The O&O Defrag 14 Server Edition full version will retail at $249.00 and $149.00 for the Upgrade. Customers will be able to purchase O&O Defrag 14 from all renowned retailers and from resellers. O&O Defrag 14 Workstation Edition will be available exclusively as a volume license, starting at 5+ licenses, and costing at that level $42.00 net per license.

Resellers can obtain O&O Defrag 14 from O&O Authorized Distributors such as Pillar Solutions in the UK and Lifeboat and VP Technologies in the USA. A full list of all O&O Distributors can be found at http://www.oo-software.com/partner/en/distributor/

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