TeethWhitener.net Introduces Industry’s Lowest Cost Teeth Whitener to Boost 2010 Bottom Line

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You need white teeth to get that job, to make that first impression, or to keep you looking your sharpest. We have the tools, tips, and promotions to help you do so without breaking the bank and to increase your bottom line! Find a teeth whitener that works for you at TeethWhitener.net.

TeethWhitener.net can help you save some money and a trip to the dentist!

With a global economy that is slowly on the recovery after the worst shock since 1929, so many people are looking everywhere to save money. Even the President has recently admitted that “progress has been painfully slow” during this recovery. With so many people looking for work, it is not a good idea to cut corners when it comes to how you appear to a hiring manager, and, those that are currently at work will find that one can maintain their appearance without breaking the bank. One way to make an impactful first impression is with a white smile. Here are 2 teeth whitener coupons that you can use to receive a full whitening kit for just $3.95 each (regular retail value of $59.95):

Extreme Teeth Whitener Pen - Enter Coupon Code “smile”

BriteWhite Smile Teeth Tray– Enter Coupon Code “whitekit”

    There are some general rules to follow to whiten your teeth and maintain a great smile.

  •     Visit your dentist at least once per year, ideally two to three times per year in order to ensure that your teeth and gums have a clean bill of health. Also, brush and floss regularly. It is essential that the foundation of your smile is healthy. A white smile is a healthy smile.
  •     If you are a smoker, it’s a good idea to quit. Your mind, body, and teeth will thank you for doing so. If you drink coffee, tea, colas, or red wine often, just remember to rinse out your mouth after doing so, as these drinks typically stain one’s teeth.
  •     Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables have been known to remove stains. Strawberries can be pureed and brushed on your teeth as a natural way to whiten teeth. They contain a certain enzyme that naturally fights exterior stains. Use caution when eating apples and potatoes, as these can fight existing stains, they also have been known to cause more stains, so just rinse out your mouth after eating them.

You can also try a teeth whitening product that have been tried and proven to safely and effectively work on your teeth. Many of these can be purchased for an initial free trial, just pay shipping costs. In short, these products are not very costly; whiten your teeth safely and effectively, and can help you keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. You have the power to improve your looks without breaking the bank in this down economy – brought to you by TeethWhitener.net – your source for teeth whitening information.


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