Pearltrees Beta 0.7.3 New Release Makes Browsing Web Pages Faster than Through a Browser

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Social Curation Leader Pearltrees Adds Pre-fetching of Webpages for Fast Browsing of the Web, New User Customization, Ability to Zoom In and Out, and More

Pearltrees, a leading online content social curation tool, today announced their latest release: Beta 0.7.3, which has added substantial feature updates and performance enhancements, including the ability to browse web pages faster than through a traditional browser.

Browse the Web Quickly:
With Pearltrees, browsing is fast, primarily because web content has been selected, filtered and organized by web users. In Pearltrees latest version, navigating web pages within Pearltrees is now even faster. Users can navigate from pearl to pearl (web page to web page) faster than browsing through a traditional browser. Pearltrees has been able to make this possible by pre-fetching content of all the associated links you are browsing, resulting in dramatically speedier navigation. The content loads in the background, so that when you click on the link, the new page (or video or audio) opens instantly, rather than having to wait for the page to load.

Customize your account :

Customize Your Pearltrees:
The second most significant update is user customization. In Pearltrees, you have pearls that represent web pages and pearltrees that function like folders but for pearls. Now you can visually customize your pearltrees (that contains pearls) using a photo or avatar that was directly related to the topic, i.e., a flower for your Pearltrees on gardens throughout Europe, a $ sign for all your Pearltrees related to the American economy, an airplane for your Pearltrees on travel, a microscope for your Pearltrees about Science and so on...

Personal customization enables users to better identify all the Pearltrees they have in their library visually by ‘icon’ or photo. Additionally, the new release has taken it one step further by enabling users to zoom in and out.

Zooming In or Out:
Users can now increase or decrease the size of their pearls with a simple button click; simply drag the plus or minus up or down until your pearltrees are the exact size you wish to view them.
Size customization can not only be done within Pearltrees but also within a blog post. If you embed a pearltree within a blog post, your readers now have the ability to expand the window, increase the size of the pearltrees and get a more extensive explanation about what a pearltree is about by simply hovering over it. A useful detail window pops up with additional information about that particular pearltree.

User interface improvement:

Organize Your Pearltrees:
A key part of Pearltrees is the ability to quickly and easily save links to content that matters to you most on the web. Simply click on a link you want to save and you can either add it to a specific pearltree topic/category through a pull down menu or add it to what’s referred to as a “drop zone,” an open window that displays Pearls which you can later file wherever you’d like. This specific feature only currently works in Firefox.

Expand or Collapase Your Lists:
As you start to use Pearltrees more and more, you’ll find that your lists might get long, just as the number of folders in Outlook would grow the more you used it and the more people you kept in touch with regularly. The new Pearltrees beta allows you to quickly collapse your list and filter what’s visible and what’s hidden, making organization faster and easier.

Invite Friends & Share Your Content Discoveries
One of the best ways to get the most out of your Pearltree experience is to share your ‘content discoveries’ with your friends. Pearltrees has added a new invite feature that makes it easy to share that content while inviting them to participate in the experience. The result? Your friends discover new things about topics they care about in real-time, as you find them, allowing you to share comments, trade links and so on..

Lastly, Pearltrees has updated their Firefox Add-On. The free service also supports Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Pearltrees Solves the Information Overload Problem:
With the onslaught of information we’re being hit with daily online, it’s impossible to keep up with content and even harder to discover or curate that content into something that is meaningful and relevant for us. There is simply too much content in too many places on the Web and while various engines help filter what you’re looking for, user-generated content, aggregators and contributors such as Yelp, Digg and more, can only get you so far.

Smart curation online is necessary in the next generation of the web and users are demanding smarter ways to find content and services that help them save time and find their passions and interests faster and easier. Pearltrees allows you to quickly save and access online content you find every day, discover new content from others who are interested in similar topics and ideas, and drive people to your world of interests.

About Pearltrees:
Launched in December 2009, Pearltrees is a leading-edge online content curation tool. Combining the best in curation, organization and discovery, Pearltrees’ user-friendly platform allows you to organize and customize your online interests. As the first humanized Interest network, users not only create, organize and access content on the web of interest, but they quickly discover other users with similar tastes and passions. Pearltrees allows you to have the things you love at the touch of a button, whether it be politics, social media, personal hobbies or business. The Company was recognized by OSEO in Europe as a “leap forward” and was selected as one of only five companies for Web 2.0 Launch Pad at Web 2.0 Expo in 2010. For more information, visit: and follow along on Twitter @pearltrees.

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