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Dr. Barbara Lavi is launching a new website in preparation for the publication of her new book Wake Up And Dream. The book teaches readers three techniques to navigate their way to the life they have never dared to dream. They will learn how to develop a Dream Positioning System (DPS) and how to use creative dreaming and self hypnosis. Stories of how Dr. Lavi's clients accomplished their aspirations using Dr. Lavi's system are also included in the book. The website will offer a preview of the book's contents and information on how to pre-order the book.

Dr. Barbara Lavi

One of Dr. Lavi's clients, Jody, was suicidal when she first came for therapy. Several years after completing therapy... Jody glowed as she reported that she "still pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming."

Many people feel like they are sleepwalking their way through life. For over thirty years Dr. Lavi has helped people who were dissatisfied with their lives do something about it. Some of her clients followed their parents' dreams or simply fell into vocations that no longer suited their needs. Some took time off to raise a family and lost sight of their dreams. Others were laid off from jobs and felt they had lost their identity. She has helped recovering alcoholics and clients suffering from chronic illnesses re-chart their lives. The techniques taught in this book were used as adjuncts to Dr. Lavi's psychotherapeutic interventions. Over the years she has helped thousands of clients redesign their lives and reach their aspirations. These techniques have helped people overcome illnesses, disabilities, and economic hardships. She has helped people of all ages redefine and reach their life goals.

In the book, she describes how psychotherapy and the Dream Positioning System (DPS) have helped clients like Jody discover their calling and develop fulfilling lives. It was a stormy day when Jody first came into to Dr. Lavi's office. Her brown curly hair was damp and frizzy. She was an overweight, fifty year old woman. The wrinkles on her face made her look at least ten years older. Jody was a proud and intelligent woman who never thought she would need to see a psychologist. Embarrassed to be in Dr. Lavi's office, Jody confessed she was only there because she was at her wit’s end. . She admitted that she was so depressed that she thought about putting her head in a gas oven and simply ending her pain and financial worries.

She was frightened by her suicidal thoughts and, fortunately, came to see Dr. Lavi. Several years after completing therapy when Dr. Lavi saw her, Jody was thriving. She looked fit, slender and well rested. With a smile on her face, Jody glowed as she reported that she "still pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming." She found it hard to believe she was living a life she could not have imagined on the day she first came for therapy. Jody learned how to wake up and dream. This book describes how Jody and other clients were able to change their lives with Dr. Lavi's help. Readers can learn the techniques so that they too can wake up and dream.

Dr. Lavi, a Licensed Psychologist since 1978, worked & trained in the Boston area before moving to Westport, CT in 2000. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Child Psychology and a Doctorate in Professional Psychology. She founded ACT Now Psychotherapy utilizing her active, creative, time-sensitive approach to therapy. Work with Dr. Lavi is time sensitive which means that each segment of therapy is as brief as possible. Some clients may come for a few months others for a few years. Often clients return when new needs arise over the course of their lives. She works with children and adults using individual, couple, family, and group therapy. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis and Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR). Her areas of specialization include: divorce, anxiety, fears, phobias, loss, illness and trauma. Dr. Lavi currently maintains a private practice in Weston, CT. To learn more about Dr. Lavi's experience and services, go to her website: http://www.ACTNowPsychotherapy.com.

Visit the new website http://www.Wake-Up-And-Dream.com to read sample chapters, pre-purchase the book or get updates about the book release this fall.


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