New PortaPocket Carrying Cases Strap onto the Body to Keep Insulin Pumps, Inhalers, Epipens and other Medical Devices Handily Available

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Diabetics, asthmatics and people with life threatening allergies all have necessary medical devices that keep them healthy and strong, but sometimes it can be challenging to keep track of where these items are, especially when an emergency strikes. Wearing an innovative new PortaPocket carrying case safely and discreetly ON one's body to keep one's vital equipment can eliminate mental baggage and offer peace of mind and convenience as one goes about daily activities.

I can put my PDM (personal diabetes manager) in the portapocket. It allows me to carry a small pure or clutch. Another cool thing about the portapocket is, I can put my iPhone in it! Love it!...

For people requiring medical devices, it really IS a matter of life and death. There are many times when situations arise when it's important to have medications handy and available without having to go around looking for them when caught up in a dire moment. And oftentimes it happens when one least expects. Bee stings happen. So does bad air quality. Food allergies can come out of nowhere. PortaPocket is a useful new innovation that allows people to simply strap their important equipment right onto their person and therefore help them more readily respond to life's emergencies, without the worry.

The PortaPocket system is versatile and multifunctional as it's designed for use on many different parts of the body, and consists of an adjustable neoprene band and any of a selection of detachable, interchangeable pockets. The system comfortably and securely wraps around a limb to keep important items discreet, yet easily within reach. It can be worn underneath a skirt or shorts while on a thigh, underneath a long dress, capris or yoga pants while worn just above a calf, and under slacks or jeans while wrapped around an ankle. It also can be used on the arm or at the waist, as desired. The streamlined, lightweight components are simple to conceal under the clothing without adding bulk, and are soft and comfortable for extended wear.

Cherise Shockley, a type 1 diabetic from Indianapolis says, “I can put my PDM (personal diabetes manager) in the portapocket. It allows me to carry a small pure or clutch. Another cool thing about the portapocket is, I can put my iPhone in it! Love it!...” Stacey Divone, another insulin pump user from New York city states “I do know of other ladies who have put their pump in their boots ...I think a selling point would be a strap that holds in place with options to be moved to different areas of the body & can be pretty concealable under clothing”

The different PortaPocket pocket sizes accommodate medical items like insulin pumps (including Animas Ping and Medtronic Minimed), glucose monitors, glucose pills, inhalers of various shapes and sizes, and tall epinephrine pens and syringes. On occasion when a person has an alternate way to carry these necessary items, PortaPocket pockets are also suited to tote I.D.s, cash, cards, keys, cell phones (including iTouch, BlackBerry & Droid), iPods, passports, tampons, lipstick and other small essentials as well.

Even when people might have other ways of carrying their devices, PortaPocket can be an added benefit to be used in conjunction with these. Cheryl Mosqueda of Arlington Heights, IL says “my daughter has life threatening food allergies and carries an epipen around her waist at all times.We attached this pocket to her epipen belt and put tissues in there [as she has frequent nose bleeds]. She is starting school next week and I feel better knowing she always will have a tissue readily available anywhere she is.

PortaPocket kits range from $8.95 to $24.95 and are available on Amazon, at select retailers, or via For more information, call Undercover Solutions, LLC at 847-809-3408. Demonstration video here:


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