New Book Touts Life Decisions in War Between God and Satan

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Malevolent Deception, a new book by Author George F. Vohs, traces the discoveries of a team of researchers at the great pyramid Khufu on the Giza Plateau in Egypt and how those discoveries lead to life decisions controlling their futures in a tug-of-war between God and Satan. Their decisions mirror all decisions we make during our lifetimes today.

Change the way you look at life!

Malevolent Deception is a story of four Egyptologists on a mission to discover the secrets of the Great Pyramid, Khufu, built ages ago on the Giza Plateau near Cairo and what they are faced with when they do find and enter a secret door hidden inside the pyramid. Their discovery leads them on an amazing adventure that shapes the remainder of their lives.

Just as your decisions today face similar dilemmas and your pathways are quite similar to theirs, your decision to visit [ may well cause you to change the way you look at life.

And, as a bonus, you will get:

A marvelous tour of ancient and present day Egypt;
Explore in outer space on a hidden planet in the Constellation Orion;
Experience interplanetary space travel;
Explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt on the Giza Plateau near Cairo;
Tour the interior of the biggest and most unique of the pyramids--Khufu;
Learn about the concept of Spirituality and how it can be used or misused;
Learn the Egyptian concept of "Duality"--good versus bad, up versus down, forward versus backward, love versus hate, and life versus death among others;
Learn the Egyptian belief in numerology and why every secret is tied up in mathematics;
Explore for yourselves a complete underground city;
Meet some especially unique people;
Learn about a secret world power structure determined to control all of us in a struggle to create a global government;
Explore the ancient artifacts in the Cairo museum;
Follow the adventures of a team of researchers as they work to unravel the access to the underground city and the people who live there and the "surprises" in their lives; and
Compare how your life choices, and theirs, bring joy and satisfaction or discontent and misery in the hands of God and Satan.


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