QuickBizSkills.com Introduces the "Proactive Hindsight Guaranteed Goal Achievement Program."

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The "Proactive Hindsight Guaranteed Goal Achievement Program" (PHGGAP) utilizes our uniquely human ability to imagine and experience a future as if it already exists, then to sculpt reality to make it fit the imagined future. The program is designed to help organizations set and achieve key goals. Unlike traditional "goal-setting", this program focuses on goal achievement, not goal creation. PHGGAP creates strong emotional bonds with the desired goal that act to pull the participants toward the goal's achievement, bonds that actually get stronger as the goal gets nearer. What's more, the Proactive Hindsight program eliminates the anxiety usually associated with trying to achieve a goal and replaces it with a deep feeling of confidence the goal will be achieved.

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Immediately actionable skills through meaninful education.

http://www.quickbizskills.com -We've all heard the saying that "hindsight is 20/20". The Proactive Hindsight Guaranteed Goal Achievement Program, utilizes the accuracy of hindsight in an unconventional and highly effective way.

The Proactive Hindsight Program, unlike traditional goal-setting programs, utilizes a proprietary facilitated technique that takes the participants into a richly imagined future in which the desired goal has already been achieved. Once in their successful future, participants simply look back to see how they got there.

In other words, they use 20/20 hindsight from the imagined future to see the step-by-step path to their goal.

In addition to developing a detailed goal path, participants experience two other benefits lacking in traditional goal-setting programs.

First, they remain highly motivated to achieve the goal throughout the time necessary to achieve it because they feel the benefits of having the goal before they start working for it. The desire for the goal is not only experienced at the beginning of the process, it actually increases with time.

Second, this approach eliminates the anxiety usually associated with looking into an unknowable future and trying to figure out how to achieve a goal. By looking back from a future in which the goal has already been achieved, participants see every step required to achieve the goal and feel confident in their ability to get it.

The program is facilitated by its creator, Art Fox, at the client's facility. Since goal achievement always involves change, only people with the power within the organization to implement the changes necessary to achieve the goal are invited to participate.

Mr. Fox leads the group through one or more three-hour sessions that establish the key goal, produce congruent buy-in by all participants to the achievement of the goal, and create a step-by-step plan for achieving the goal. By spending between 3 and 12 hours of focused work on the Proactive Hindsight process, any organization can create a step-by-step plan for achieving a goal and participants who are highly motivated to achieve the goal.

Mr. Fox conducts the first three-hour portion of the workshop with a 100% money back guarantee. If the participants are not satisfied with the results of the first three hours of the program, Mr. Fox simply stops the program and there is no charge to the client.

Art Fox has been providing unique, customized training programs to a wide variety of organizations for over 30 years. Clients have ranged from not-for-profits such as the Riverside Arts Council in Riverside, IL, to Depaul University in Chicago, to automotive giants such as Cadillac. QuickBizSkills, Mr. Fox's training company, is dedicated to producing immediately actionable results through meaningful education. For more information and to go through a short exercise that lets you experience the benefits of Proactive Hindsight for yourself, please visit http://www.quickbizskills.com or contact Art Fox at 773-919-3478.


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