Heritage Capsule™ Advances Options in Cremation, Burials and DNA Preservation

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The Heritage Capsule is a proprietary next-generation burial device, meant to enable families to entomb the cremated remains of loved ones. Designed to last centuries, the capsule provides secure sealed storage for a whole host of options, including DNA, electronic files, and personal remembrances.

"Virtual-Memorials.com is honored to partner with Heritage Capsule,” Sharon Mnich, Founder, offered. “Their amazing Capsules offer a perfect method to preserve electronic copies of our personalized memorials along with artifacts, DNA, notes and more - cre

The Heritage Capsule™ was first created to enable the Founder’s cremated family member to be buried in their traditional six-generation family burial plot at a local cemetery. Phoenix Enterprises, LLC of Manchester, Washington has since developed the high-tech, breakthrough Heritage Capsule into a thriving business in an industry that has seen few modern advances. The Heritage Capsule is a compact, sharply pointed and proprietary aluminum alloy and polymer tube built to last for centuries—and can be buried almost anywhere.

“This Capsule,” reports Robert Simpson, Founder and CEO, “provides the maximum protection and preservation of a loved one’s cremated remains as well as optional DNA samples and electronic storage.” He went on to say, “we hermetically seal the Capsule so that absolutely nothing can get in – no fluids, no air, no impurities that could affect the integrity of its contents.”

The Heritage Capsule offers significant benefits to grieving families. The Capsule can be interred nearly anywhere, including under existing family headstones or in a family’s backyard. It’s as easy to bury as a garden stake. The Capsule is hermetically sealed, and eliminates concerns that the contents will be damaged or leak into the environment. A family’s legacy can be easily preserved for centuries with optional inclusion of DNA and other records. And the cost is significantly less than a traditional burial or cremation with urns and mausoleum or niche internment space. The Capsule and burial in most locations will be less than $1000.00. The Capsule itself will cost between $249.00 and $379.00, depending on options.

Jason Alderman, of the Huffington Post recently wrote in an article, The High Cost of Dying, “Expenses vary widely, but a traditional funeral and burial can easily cost $10,000 or more, once you factor in a burial plot, funeral services, casket, viewings, flowers, obituary notices, limousines, etc. But for those whose religious or personal beliefs don't require that specific funeral protocols or traditions be followed, there are many ways to reduce costs while still honoring your deceased loved ones and their survivors.”

The Heritage Capsule fits these expanded parameters of honoring deceased loved ones in a growing movement toward more cremation and nontraditional burial options. Cremation rates are now 40% in the US and are growing at a rate of 4-5% per year and the Capsule stands alone in its flexibility and legacy preservation options.

Heritage Capsule recently partnered with Virtual-Memorials.com, a successful web-based memorial service. Launched in 1996, Virtual Memorials, Inc. has become the leading service of its kind. This partnership capitalizes on the focus of each business to provide personalized and compassionate services to families who have lost a loved one.

"Virtual-Memorials.com is honored to partner with Heritage Capsule,” Sharon Mnich, Founder, offered. “Their amazing Capsules offer a perfect method to preserve electronic copies of our personalized memorials along with artifacts, DNA, notes and more - creating a true time Capsule of a loved one's life and legacy." Virtual Memorials has received positive coverage from The New York Times, The Los Angles Times, America On-Line, ABC News.com and hundreds local newspapers. They have also been featured on CNN Science and Technology and The BBC Radio, NBC, and CNN WorldNews.

The Heritage Capsule is the newest, most technogically advanced and affordable cremation and burial option available today.

Phoenix Enterprises, LLC is located in Manchester, WA. They are a family owned business located in the Pacific Northwest. All employees are local, and all but one of their suppliers they contract with are based in the United States. Their commitment is to a business premise they’ve worked under for years—“under promise and over deliver.” The website is http://HeritageCapsule.com . Contact CEO and Founder Robert Simpson at: support(at)HeritageCapsule(dot)com or 206-414-4137


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