Gun Owners Talking to Gun Owners Worldwide at a Google for Gun Owners

Share Article was created, for gun owners, gun rights advoates, gun manufacturers and stores to have a place where they can learn and network The first site that has gun video chat, where users can communicate live by video, globally. is well on is way to becoming a google for gun owners

Have you ever wondered what a facebook for gun owners, gun manufacturers and gun stores would be like? Well wonder no more. As of three weeks ago, a social network for gun owners launched. Bearing an incredible logo of a black revolver encased in a three dimensional red world globe, placed on light sketches of the first guns to ever exist. Around the globe are the words "We have the right to bear arms, we have the the right to protect ourselves", "you have the right to bear arms, you have the right to protect yourself".

CivilianGuns.Com was created with the idea that all gun owners have certain similar common interests Important enough, that it would make perfect sense for them to have a social network, designed to keep gun owners up to date on gun laws, politicians, gun sports, gun news, firearm events such as gun shows and of course gun products and accessories. Which otherwise have always been broken up on different websites. The site also has a free "video gun chat" conference room for users to communicate by video globally for free. promises to be a platform for gun owners, manufacturers and stores, estimating that within two years it will easily have 40 to 50 million registered users. is well on its way to becoming a google for gun owners

A large reason for this is, the name "Civilian Guns", which is the proper term for all guns available to civilians. Every gun company has brands of firearms specifically built and designed for civilians. This makes "Civilian Guns" a prime and perfect advertising area for these manufacturers. Instead of advertisers using magazines that only allow them to reach 100 to 200,000 consumers at a time. will easily be able to deliver their advertisments to millions, instantaneously. also owns, which as anyone who visits youtube can see is a franchise in its own, where simple videos filmed by ameteurs easily get over one million hits in days.

The company has already began to create a reality show named "A Real Gun", which it will be hand picking its own users to be the cast and paying them to be filmed.They are giving their users the opportunity to make money by setting a good example for the world to see. "being a responsible gun owner" The show will also be opened to applicants from youtube who would like their films brodcasted to the audience that the films were originally made for and also have the opportunity to be paid for their work like regular networks do with tv sitcoms.

With all the chaos that has been in the media about gun violence, plays a role in the positive side of gun ownership. It would like to brodcast a message that the 2nd amendment is a privelege, and all those who bear arms have a responsibility to those that do not and those that do. A fellow gun owner could share a story with another that could save a life just by discussing a good judgment call.

All Gun stores and manufacturers are invited to set up profiles at Doing so will make it very easy for users to find out about their websites, store locations and products. This is free, and is guaranteed to have a companys product information delivered to the audience it was made for. If you are interested in Reality show and would like to submit your information or would like to advertise on the site, please visit the contact page at and make your queries there. also if you are a gun owner, and would like to join the network, Where you can meet and communiacate with gun owners from all over the world. just go to click on the gun owners tab and set up an account or you can just sign in with facebook..
Gun owners talking to gun owners worldwide, Connect with others across the globe that feel the same way.


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