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Founder of, Daniel Broadstone is pleased to announce the launch of his brand-new blog, Developed as an informational counterpart to his website, this interactive tool provides insightful articles about the how-to’s of gardening as well as seasonal gardening tips. Visit the web store to view a pleasing variety of plant protectors and the Planters Wand, his very own creation.

I've enjoyed gardening all of my life, even as a kid when it seemed like more of a chore than a hobby

Web entrepreneur Daniel Broadstone is pleased to announce the publication of his brand-new blog, Developed to complement his web store, this informational and interactive platform highlights an array of helpful and fascinating posts on the fundamentals of gardening as well as tips and techniques for gardening throughout each season.

“I’ve enjoyed gardening all of my life, even as a kid when it seemed like more of a chore than a hobby,” Broadstone said. “Today, I’m passionate about tending to my garden and helping others produce flourishing grounds of their own with my decades of experience and knowledge. I will call upon my expertise to deliver blog posts about topics such as gardening with fertilizer and how to use leaves as mulch.”

At shoppers are invited to learn about the amazing, yet simple, design of the Planters Wand. This innovative creation was developed by Broadstone in an effort to simplify the dirty work of basic gardening. Built like a shovel, this long wooden stick is equip with a wedge on the very end in the exact shape of a cell pack dirt cube, which erases the need to dig individual planting holes by hand. To use, insert a foot in the stirrup and then step downward, pressing the tool into the soil.

“I was at the Disney theme parks in Florida with my family a few years ago and noticed how lovely the surrounding garden beds were. I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that,’ and when we got home, I went out and bought trays of flowers to plant in my front yard. However, after about a dozen flowers had been nestled into my garden, I realized how much effort was truly required; it was then I knew it would take me forever to get the job done,” he said.

Broadstone developed a prototype for the Planters Wand in his garage shortly after as he was determined to formulate a simpler way to obtain gorgeous flower beds. Now, armed with a patent for his ingenious design, he is ready to promote his miracle tool to the rest of the gardening community worldwide.

Additionally, shoppers will discover a sophisticated line of animal repellent for garden use that’s specifically designed to repel mammals and insects with a waxy substance that won’t harm the plant, but provides a very spicy taste for any bug or animal that dares to sample from the garden. Plus, both varieties are of a nonpoisonous solution so animals and insects won’t be harmed in the efforts to keep a garden looking its best., making gardening seemingly effortless for enthusiasts worldwide!

About the Company: is owned and operated by inventor and web entrepreneur Daniel Broadstone.

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