Witchdoctor and the Man -- the City Under the Sea

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Dr. Pat Holliday is releasing a new edition of the "Witch Doctor and the Man, the City Under the Sea". This phenomenal book in a soft-back format is available on Amazon. The author also offers this book in an E-book format. Former African Witch Doctor, Bishop Vagalas Kanco' tells his startling, spiritual journey coming out of deep-family witchcraft will send cold shivers down your spine. This usual testimony relate to his years being trained as a wizard in the City Under the Sea. Bishop Kanco says, "That's right I lived under the sea with devils for twelve years!"

Bishop Kanco says, "You may will not believe this testimony have to do with the perplexing supernatural City under the Sea. The city does spiritually exist because spiritually personally spent twelve years under the sea. This is my testimony of learning from and residing with the demon gods under the sea. The city under the sea is a mystifying place and many people of Africa know about its existence. This is real and renowned personalities come there from around the world."

The Bishop goes on to reveal this sea-city as splendid place where the powers of demonic demons live that interacted between humans. "It is impossible for me to describe to you the splendor of this awesome place. Physically you won't see it but spiritually you can see it; however, more beautiful than this mysterious underwater metropolis. There were giant futuristic crystal skyscrapers and brilliant lazar lights bedazzling the currents of the sea. It was a spellbinding place, beyond words; it reminds you of a spiritual Disney World. The streets were made of gold -- not real gold but something that appeared like gold. There is nothing in the world that could compare to this enchanting place, such a stunning, majestic, and ravishing habitation. It was apocalyptical, fairyland.

Bishop Kanco saw disembodied demons that lurked in the shadows of the gate hiding under helmets with drawn swords. The stone-faced demons glared at the scene of my father approached them and gawked at us with their emotionless cold steely eyes. The giant fallen angels of Genesis stood guarding the entrance to the city. The Ascended Masters (high-level ruling spirits) watched us with spine-chilling glee. The crafty smiles on their lips disguised the evil reality that was lurking in their hearts; these are paranormal beings that live in the sea.

The Bishop saw the leaders of the world there such as powerful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and movie stars; this is where they get their anointing and power.

Kanco goes on to say, "The throne of Satan. It is made of what is sometimes called "fool's gold" because though it looks like real gold, it is not real. There is a background of darkness surrounded by stars, moon and sun. He has human skulls circling his throne. Desecrated candles made of human fat flicker from the center of a goat's head. The throne was engraved with snakes and dragons and flames and fire rose from his seat. His light was so bright that it almost blinded me. He is truly an angel of light.

He testified standing glued to the spot, unable to move . . . hypnotized. "My father stood with his hand over his heart. He looked like he was saying the pledge of allegiance. There were no seats there because when anyone worshiped Guru. They prostrated themselves on the ground. I saw an effigy hanging on the wall of Lucifer-half man and half beasts, with cloven feet. He had a proud look on his face. Another image reveals him as beautiful angel of light. In front was a high platform was an altar, on it were knives, cups and vessels made of fake gold. A demon standing at his right hand with a flaming sword, this powerful demon called the "Ascended Masters." The new religious leaders of the world believe these are invisible "higher beings" and they claim to have ruled over the earth since the beginning of time. These New Agers' teach that every so often one of these Ascended Masters will come as a great avatar (leader) to possess an individual to teach mankind some very important things that the world needs to know."

Kanco said, "Everyone was bowing before Guru's (Satan's) throne raising their arms in worship and broke forth with wails and invocations to Guru, the great god of darkness, and death and mystery arose. The air was full with evil as his essence was wrapped in light so dazzling that I could hardly catch Guru's form.

An Ascended Master spoke, "We are going to summon the old gods' Apollyon, Abaddon, depending upon whether you're Roman, Persian or Greek, they are not dead . . . they are helping us to build the New World Order and everyone will worship Guru. Our agents believe these religious personalities, the Buddha, Imam, etc. were great avatar teachers."

It is mysterious and difficult to understand this sea city as living there in the spirit for twelve years that is located near the coast of Ghana. This evil religious city is highly organized. The sorcery world is real and highly organized and the Bible reveals that the spirits dwelling under the sea do exist in (Rev. 13).

Dr. Pat Holliday writes, "It is an exhilarating experience to see how Jesus supernaturally called him out of his family's generational witchcraft and gave him the commission "to go and tell My people what I have done for you."

Dr. Holliday claims that Bishop Kanco's dramatic conversion was similar to an Apostle Paul's spiritual born again experience. He says, "It was like a powerful spiritual force that hit me in the face when an invisible hand pushed him through the church door. Fear startled him and he wanted to turn and run away but could not because the invisible hand had a firm hold on the back of his pants. He felt a strange atmosphere in the building and had never felt anything like it in my life. Finally, the invisible hand pushed him down in the last pew of the church . . ."Sit," the Spirit said.

"They were singing and praising God with joy. Their songs were piercing through my cold heart, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, There's Just Something about That Name . . ." My fingernails tightly clenched were digging ridges into the palms of my hands and sweat was pouring out of my skin.

"We hate them," the demons growled. "Remember how much you hate them too . . . Don't listen to those stupid rebellious Christians"

Bishop Kanco says, "My testimony concerns the Lord's mercy, grace and deliverance from being a powerful wizard. It is also a confirmation that there is no sin that His blood cannot wash away to make a person's spirit as white as snow My story is one of hope for the billions of people who wish to be free from the snares of the Devil. Jesus can free those who are entrapped by idolatry and from family witchcraft ties. My family's religion is based on a mixture of the worship of idols and ancestors. They were worshipers of idols such as gods of sun, moon, earth, and trees, monkeys, snakes, etc. These were the only gods that we knew; today, Jesus has saved my entire family!"

Read this dynamic true life story of a former witch doctor whose life was committed to Satan through human sacrifices and tormenting and destroying humans; and then receiving deliverance by Jesus Christ. Bishop knows that through Jesus' blood and power, Kanco was set free and he is now setting the captives of these satanic religions around the world.
Bishop Kanco is from Accra, Ghana, West Africa.


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