Medical Billing Advocates of South Carolina, LLC Opens Offices In Charleston to Help South Carolina Consumers

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Medical Billing Advocates of South Carolina, LLC, has opened offices in the Charleston metro area and advocates for consumers statewide. Services are available to help navigate the maze of billing offices and insurance companies, identify overcharges and unfair or illegal billing practices, and lessen the financial burden of healthcare on families. Services are also available to the uninsured.

Medical Billing Advocates of South Carolina, LLC ( has opened offices in the Charleston metro area, and serves the entire state of South Carolina. Director and Client Advocate, Robin Giangrande, reports that in the last 3 months the company has saved South Carolina consumers nearly $30,000 in medical bills that they would otherwise have been required to pay out-of-pocket. This has beens accomplished through detailed review of all relevant billing and insurance documents and communication and negotiation with providers and insurance carriers.

Controlling healthcare costs is the mission of Medical Billing Advocates of South Carolina, LLC. Ms. Giangrande has been invited to speak at the annual meeting of Medical Billing Advocates of America, scheduled for November 1-4, 2010 in Baltimore. The South Carolina company is a Certified Member of Medical Billing Advocates of America, providing a nationwide network of advocates and resources.

It is difficult to be a "smart consumer" when it comes to paying for your healthcare, even though it may be the most important item in a family budget. People are usually not in charge of how much their insurance costs (the employer is) and they can't "comparison shop" for the best price when going to the doctor or being admitted to the hospital.

Ms. Giangrande, who has more than 25 years of experience working in healthcare administration and as a litigation paralegal, says "Just think of all the bills that have to be processed every day by every doctor's office, laboratory and radiology provider, hospital, urgent care center, ambulance service, dialysis center...the list goes on and on. Mistakes are going to be made when handling the massive volume of highly detailed information. Then these bills go to the insurance companies, and they don't check for mistakes, they just process and pay, process and pay. That is, unless they process and deny the claim, and this may also be a mistake."

Medical Billing Advocates of South Carolina, LLC helps consumers be certain they don't pay more than they should or pay for services or items they did not receive. The bills sent out by doctors and hospitals do not contain a lot of detail, just the bottom line -- Pay This Amount. The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the insurance company is next to impossible to understand or match up with the medical bill or bills it covers.

Medical Billing Advocates of South Carolina, LLC has the knowledge and the resources to identify the mistakes and overcharges. Medical billing advocates understand the intricacies of all different types of health insurance coverage, including Medicare and can translate the codes and medical jargon. The company's website is full of information about healthcare reform and the available services and can be found at


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