Keystone Semiconductor to Introduce World's First Single-Chip FM/DAB/DAB+ Receiver IC At 2010 ESSCIRC

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KeyStone’s Innovative FM/DAB/DAB+ Single-Chip Receiver IC, Tsunami, Delivers Industry’s Highest-Integration, Lowest-Power Consumption, and Most-Affordable Turn-Key Solutions for Home and Mobile Digital Audio Broadcasting Applications

KeyStone Semiconductor Corp., a leading fabless semiconductor developer of advanced digital radio technologies today announced that its single-chip receiver IC, Tsunami, is published at the prestigious 2010 European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC) in Seville, Spain. Tsunami is the first-ever IC available to the consumer electronics industry that focuses on high-integration, low-power, and low-cost solutions for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) turn-key products.

Tsunami KSW8290 is implemented in CMOS process and has unprecedentedly integrated the entire FM/DAB/DAB+ receiver systems including Radio Frequency (RF) receiver, channel demodulator, Digital Signal Processor (DSP), advanced audio decoder, stereo DAC, battery detector, memory cell, etc. onto a single chip. This high integration leaves no costly external components such as VCXO, SDRAM, Flash Memory, MCU, etc., on the module, which significantly reduces the form-factor while lowering the overall solution cost.

Consuming only 150 mW on the entire module and housed in a compact 0.8 cm x 1.1 cm BGA package, KSW8290 delivers the consumers electronics industry’s first and only FM/DAB/DAB+ solutions with the least power consumption for portable consumer electronics applications. Measured at 2.0 cm x 2.0 cm or smaller for slave-mode FM/DAB/DAB+ operations, Tsunami module is merely 20% of the leading competitor's module size, making Tsunami the best candidate for form-factor and power-conscious devices.

KSW8290 is also the first and only FM/DAB/DAB+ receiver IC that passes stringent Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) BS EN 55022: 2006 and BS EN 55013: 2001 tests to allow OEMs directly connecting coaxial cable to Tsunami modules. It permits Tsunami modules to share the same source antenna with TV in a set top box and to share the same FM antenna in a vehicle to reduce cost and installation complexity.

Pricing and Availability
Each Tsunami module with KSW8080 (FM/DAB) is priced at USD 10.0 for 1 k quantity, and each Tsunami module with KSW8290 (FM/DAB/DAB+) is priced at USD 12.0 for 1 k quantity, respectively. The Tsunami Demo Platform is available for USD $150.0. For additional product information and to purchase samples and development tools, please contact sales(at)keystonesemi(dot)com.

About KeyStone
KeyStone Semiconductor Corp. is a technical innovator and leader in wireless digital radio semiconductor. KeyStone products enable the delivery of the enriched analog and digital multimedia contents to home and mobile environments. We provide the industry with system-on-a-chip and turn-key solutions to manufacturers of analog and digital broadcasting access products and portable devices.
KeyStone is headquartered in the Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan, and has offices and facilities in North America and in China. KeyStone can be contacted at +886.3.666.2756 or at contact(at)keystonesemi(dot)com.

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