AvFinity Becomes Aviation’s First Secure Direct-Connectivity Provider Authorized For Commercial and Private APIS Filings

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AvFinity now provides secure direct connectivity to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for both commercial and private APIS submissions. Both segments of the aviation industry benefit from using AvFinity's cost-effective, robust, high-speed, high-security network that features non-repudiation and assured message delivery.

AvFinity's APIS Navigator service features assured delivery and non-repudiation of an APIS message as built-in tools to significantly reduce the risk of fines for lost data.

AvFinity is the first commercial service provider authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) to submit Advance Passenger Information Service (APIS) manifests for both commercial and private aircraft via a secure IBM WebSphere MQ direct connection.

The milestone means airlines and corporate flight departments can file manifests with USCBP using AvFinity’s cost-effective, robust, high-speed, high-security network. AvFinity's APIS Navigator service also features assured delivery and non-repudiation of an APIS message as built-in tools to significantly reduce the risk of fines for lost data that can occur when sending APIS by e-mail or legacy systems.

AvFinity this month completed WebSphere MQ testing with USCBP for general aviation APIS. It has provided commercial APIS to USCBP via WebSphere MQ since May 2009. No other aviation provider has achieved authorizations for both segments of the aviation industry using the secure WebSphere MQ universal backbone.

Although, at present, airlines and private aircraft may still use e-mail and legacy systems to file APIS, global government border authorities have expressed concern about the reliability of these systems and the security of the data flowing across them. AvFinity’s direct WebSphere MQ connection to USCBP mitigates these concerns.

When using APIS Navigator™, an airline or private aviation company receives:

  •     Security: The WebSphere MQ connection provides encryption of the sensitive manifest data and allows end-to-end security between the sender and USCBP.
  •     Non-repudiation: Unlike email, legacy messaging systems or web services, a direct connection using WebSphere MQ ensures that APIS messages are delivered with no chance of being lost.
  •     Reliability: AvFinity APIS Navigator™ via a WebSphere MQ direct connection has a documented 99.999% uptime since the inception of the service for commercial aircraft 18 months ago. That reliability is a vast advantage over alternative web services solutions for APIS that go down periodically.
  •     Seamless expansion to TSA Secure Flight: Private aircraft early adopters who use AvFinity APIS Navigator™ to connect directly to USCBP via WebSphere MQ also achieve connectivity to the Transportation Security Agency’s Secure Flight program.

Any aviation customer that needs to submit APIS to USCBP can utilize the AvFinity direct connection without changes to existing Information Technology systems. AvFinity provides full connectivity capabilities through its plug-and-play AvFinity Integrated Router Solution (AIRS™).

AIRS™ also includes many labor-saving, cost-effective features for airlines that include a web interface to monitor APIS submissions and electronic checking of the data to eliminate errors before the manifests are filed.

Private pilots can store previously entered data so that they do not have to be re-keyed with each subsequent flight involving the same crew or passengers.

AvFinity also offers direct connections for filing Advance Passenger Information with CARICOM and will soon add the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). For information on securing an airline’s manifest data through the unique AvFinity patent-pending software technology, contact AvFinity sales at 800-459-1097 or visit our web site at http://www.avfinity.com/APISNavigator.php.

About AvFinity LLC: AvFinity makes aviation communications and integration consistent and reliable. AvFinity has multiple communications solutions including AIRS™--the AvFinity software technology residing on a Cisco Integrated Services Router. AIRS™ eliminates complex hardware configurations, hybrid applications and multiple vendors that aviation companies have accumulated over decades of legacy messaging alternatives. AIRS™ operates efficiently through patent-pending software technology that brings aviation communications into the 21st century. For more information on all AvFinity’s services, visit http://www.avfinity.com.


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