P2P Lending: A Great New Investment Opportunity with YES-secure

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YES-secure, a social networking lending and borrowing platform in the UK, is emerging as the hot new investment destination offering potentially higher average returns than saving accounts.

Peer to peer lending has traditionally shown low defaults, much lower than the banks, as people are aware that they are borrowing from other people

YES-secure.com has added an exciting dimension to peer to peer lending by offering it as the top way to magnify your investment. Peer-to-Peer lending is a means by which borrowers and lenders may transact business without the traditional intermediaries, such as banks.

How does P2P lending work?

YES-secure, an innovative P2P lending platform, allows multiple investors to bid on and fund a loan request. Investors can lend small amounts to borrowers ranging from grading A* to E based on their credit score retrieved from Callcredit and can expect to receive an interest rate dependent on their credit rating. Lenders can choose to lend to A* borrowers with a lower interest with minimal risk of defaults compared to E borrowers with a higher interest rate but a higher risk of defaults. Lenders can mitigate their risk by diversifying their portfolio and lending small amounts of around £10 to each borrower so that if one borrower defaults, the loss is minimised as the loss is shared among 50 to 100 lenders.

Similarly to eBay, borrowers can place a loan listing at YES-secure displaying not only their financial status but also pertinent information regarding their financial strengths and responsibilities as well as credit history. This allows lenders to make a value-judgement as to which listings suit their investment criteria. Interest rates are offered in eBay-style market bidding – if a lender asks for an interest rate which is too high, they will get outbid; hence interest rates are consumer regulated.

What returns can you expect to make?

This clever new investment opportunity enables investors to receive interest rates as high as 25%. YES-secure.com estimates that the Average Annualised Net Loss Rates for A* to C YES-secure markets are expected to be 2% to 5%. Hence taking into account this Average Annualised Net Loss Rate, a lender who lends to a diversified portfolio of A* to C borrowers, could expect to have NET returns before tax of between 6 to 8%, hence resulting in accomplished returns which are certainly better than those offered by banks.
“Peer to peer lending has traditionally shown low defaults, much lower than the banks, as people are aware that they are borrowing from other people” said Dr Chandra Patni, founder of YES-secure.com.

Can you give it a go?

New lenders can get started with YES-secure and P2P lending with as little as £10. Monthly repayments are made by the borrower, resulting in monthly returns for investors on capital amounts which they can reinvested in fresh loan requests if they so desire. Debit card verification upon registration, stringent underwriting procedures and assigning markets in keeping with the borrowers' creditworthiness make YES-secure a safe investment destination. Being online, YES-secure service charges are much lower in comparison to other traditional institutions.

YES-secure offers an organized and easy to operate platform to create an investment portfolio facilitating the lenders to invest, grow and track their lending online accounts from the comfort of their home.Lenders can create auto lending plans specifying certain criteria such as credit scores and minimum interest ratesto cater to the time and effort they would like to put in. Lenders can also custom bid by selectively lending to specific loan requests which suit their risk profile. Whichever way lenders decide to bid, YES-secure.com has a way to help them realise their investment goals.

More information regarding YES-secure can be found at http://www.yes-secure.com.

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