URL Shortener War Hotter with Scorching OneCent.US Criticism of Twitter t.co & bit.LY

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Twitter's announcement that their URL shortener, t.co, will be the only option by year end, thus not an option at all, is doomed to haunt them according to outspoken OneCent.US owner, Bill Purkins.

Twitter's announcement that their URL shortener, t.co, will be the only option by year end, thus not an option at all, is doomed to haunt them according to outspoken OneCent.US owner, Bill Purkins.

"bit.LY (current URL shortening king) and OneCent.US will not go away, our tracking data and services are too valuable. Rather, if you supply Twitter in the future with a link like OneCent.US/3ww they will actually r just rewrap it inside a t.co link, and there will be two redirects, the first by Twitter to OneCent.US then on to the destination.”

“This will just confuse and irritate people, slow down the Internet some, but people will rebel against Twitter, and I believe if they do not retract the mandate they will be ripe for someone to come along and wipe them off the map. Demographic data that OneCent.US and bit.LY collect is extremely valuable, and Twitter eventually tries to muscle them into buying their own data, something that bit.LY already does with its 'Enterprise' customers, soaking them $995 a month, people will rebel."

“I personally wrote, worked on and/or managed the software projects for mission critical systems for over 20 of the household brand names in the Fortune 500 in the 80's and 90's and customer tracking and analysis was always a freebie. The bigger the customer? The more freebies just to keep their business. The new wave generation of business MBAs and geeks who design a fancy web page and sell nothing but big fonts and cotton candy pastel colors instead of substance and functionality are something severely wrong with business in our country as a whole.”

“America has lost the ability to value or price products and service based on quality, and I blame the new breed of multi-million and billionaires who disguise smoke and mirrors, snake oil and jive talkin' with buzzwords like Twitter's 'RESONANCE ALGORITHM' which suggests merely to me that they count how many times a link is clicked. Revolutionary, guys? I think not." Purkins said in a statement.

Purkins had other examples, and pointing out AOL paying nearly a billion dollars for BEBO.

"Is the last nail in the coffin yet? It made someone very rich. All AOL got as I can see was the total destruction of their once excellent member profiles. I'd love to look at the books on that deal, not that I'm suspicious, hey, anyone can make a boo-boo, and a billion bucks doesn't buy what it used to, you know," Purkins said, sarcastically.

"Or Rupert Murdoch and MySpace. Oh yeah. They changed a winning solution and in waltzed Facebook."

Finally, Purkins cites bit.LY getting $3.5 million dollars in funding in 2009 and claims all they can do is shorten a URL, let you create a custom name if you want and also have a nice sidebar bookmarklet. Otherwise, he accuses, you can track how many times and from what countries people have clicked your links, but for more than that it's almost one thousand dollars a month.

Though obviously sarcastic, Purkins' claims have substance, and he has waged his own one sided publicity war against bit.LY all summer long with coverage in VentureBeat, the NYTIMES and NEWSDAY, as well as somewhere in the vicinity of fifteen or more, he claims to have lost count, of his own company's press releases, which have dominated both Web and News on Google, Yahoo and Bing with page one presences, often up to three and four stories out of the first top ten.

“For keyword 'url shortener'," Purkins says, "which is the only one that counts, you realize."

"Bit.LY though," Purkins shrugged and chuckled, "didn't even show up behind the gym for the fight though. We're not worth noticing, or perhaps just too much of a yappy little dog."

"Well, with all apologies to Hank Williams, move over big dog, a new breed of top dog dog is movin' in, and it's no accident that 8 weeks after our July 4th, 2010 launch that we're in the top 1% of most visited websites in the world, as rated by independent and unbiased as can be seen at http://URLdogg.com/onecent.us. 8 weeks? That's when puppies get weaned."

Also? We are rolling out a couple of things very shortly that should grow us twenty fold in the next few months. People have been ignoring us, but it's going to be very difficult to continue to do that in the coming months. I'm not a geek or some kid, I'm a 29 year high rolling consultant that even IBM used to advise them on their new programming language rpg/ILE for the then unannounced AS/400, now known as i-series servers, which basically became one of the most popular business computers in history and is still rolling strong after 20 and how many years? I think I can say that, they didn't pay me, I was a requested and happy volunteer along with people from six other companies from around the world at their Toronto language lab. If they have a problem with me using their name? I'll delete the press release and apologize. No sense suing me. I'm broke. Besides, I read somewhere that you can't get in trouble for telling the truth."

Purkins closed with a laugh and, "We are looking for capital venture, by the way. The 58 bucks is long gone."

You can visit the site, which features a patriotic theme and donates 90% of its advertising revenue to charity, at http://OneCent.US.


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