Just in Time for Back to School: Students Who Hate Notetaking Benefit from ScribeRghtTranscription Agency's New Program to Provide Written Transcripts

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Just in time for students going back to school, ScribeRight Transcription launches new program to transcribe class recordings. Students needing a way to learn more in less time will get the edge that they need.

ScribeRight Transcription Agency, Inc., announced today that they are now helping students learn better, faster, and with greater retention by providing lectures in Word documents. With a voice recorder or smart pen, they’re able to record the class, upload the audio to http://www.scriberighttranscription.com, fill out an order form, and receive a typed transcript of it in short order. Gone are the days of extensive notetaking, listening and relistening to the tapes of lectures to fully grasp and retain the information, or relying on the notes of a friend when a class is missed. The transcript can be referred to later for homework and study and can easily be text searched to locate specific parts of the lecture. As a bonus, ScribeRight retains the voice recording for easy access later.

This visual record of the lecture is incredibly valuable to students who are poor note takers, are hard of hearing, or who process information much better visually than audibly. This new service should help all kinds of students improve their grades and confidence level.

With a transcription, a student is able to read through the same amount of material in 30% to 40% less time than it takes to listen to it. It is also widely understood that reinforcing the spoken word with the written word increases the comprehension and retention of the information. Students have so much media to slog through now that it has become quite a burden and a huge drain on their time. ScribeRight takes audio and video recordings and turns them into accurate Word documents, saving their clients precious time and improving their GPAs. Students can concentrate on the lecture instead of on taking notes.

Of course, great transcription needs to be supported by great technology. ScribeRight’s website, http://www.scriberighttranscription.com, is bright and informative, fun and functional, highlighting the team atmosphere that they foster. Above all, it is easy to use, with no contracts needed. Customers can literally drag and drop their voice files to the website and, when the transcript is ready, pay via credit card online and the document is whisked to their inbox. A full menu of services is available to meet many different kinds of transcription needs; conference calls, meetings, interviews, seminars, classes, etc., can all be quickly converted to text. Expanded service options are available for research projects or contracted affiliates who need them.

ScribeRight, headquartered in Renton, WA, started with a vision to provide high-quality medical and general transcription services, and currently serves clients throughout the western United States. ScribeRight is a leading provider of audio-to-text services for over 10 years, and strives to influence innovative changes in the industry. Visit http://www.scriberighttranscription.com for more information about Team ScribeRight and all of the services they provide.


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