A New Free Service Is Now Available to Help People Find Their Way to Safe, Effective and Affordable Stem Cell Therapy

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Most who attempt to locate viable stem cell therapy soon discover that navigating their way through the online fog of confusion is daunting and fret with peril. Fortunately there is now a new service staffed with experts who will guide you to the right solution, and this service is free.

There are many hospitals, clinics and patients across the globe experiencing significant success now with autologous stem cell therapy for ailments and diseases such as COPD, ALS, MS, CP, Cancer, Traumatic Brain Injury, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, and many others. The weight of evidence in personal testimonies is far beyond the reproach of the old guard line of “it’s just a placebo effect”. The slowness of the FDA to embrace and promote the risk free technology of autologous adult stem cell therapy does in no way mitigate the obvious truth to those who no longer suffer, or are suffering less, or who have had their lives extended. So the question is no longer ‘can stem cell treatment help me with my disease or ailment?’. The question now is how much can this new technology help me at this point in time, and where do I go to get the most safe, effective and affordable stem cell therapy? For most people, finding the answers to these basic questions can prove to be very difficult and confusing. Fortunately, there is new free service to help shine a beacon of guidance through the fog. This new service is staffed with industry professionals and patients who believe in stem cell therapy based on personal experiences and observation. This new service is called StemCellFinder.org

The average adult will know a handful of medical professionals to whom they can inquire for guidance. Unfortunately most medical professionals are trained to stick to the industry playbook when it comes to anything that is outside of the conventional industry/big pharma/ FDA scope of approval. So if you receive advice from medical friends or from your doctor to stere clear of stem cell therapy until more research and clinical trials have been performed allowing the FDA to finally grant approval for something that is obviously good, then you have to ask yourself how badly do you need or want treatment today? Do you have the luxury of waiting for 10 years while the FDA approves the obvious? For most people for whom time is not a luxury, the answer is “No!”.
If that describes you, then your next task is to sort through the multitude of doctors, clinics and hospitals from every corner of the globe that make the bold claim that their therapy and approach is the best. Rest assured, they are not all the best. Far from it. Most of these operations are “snake oil” salesmen looking to line their wallets with your cash by preying on the desperate and gullible. If you do a Google search using “stem cell clinic”, you’ll come up with approximately 372,000 websites. Also, “stem cell treatment” 167,000 and “adult stem cell therapy” 461,000 respectively.

So how do you know who to trust? What therapy actually works? Who has integrity and practices with international accepted medical standards of safety?

For starters, a great suggestion is for you to visit a new organization called StemCellFinder.org.

StemCellFinder.org is a not for profit organization comprised of several physicians, researchers, medical professionals and patients who are convinced from years of direct personal experience and observation that stem cell therapy is actually very safe and effective in treating many life threatening ailments when implemented by qualified and skilled practitioners. This group has decided to combine their knowledge of the industry and volunteer their time to create StemCellFinder.org as a free service available to anyone who desires guidance to the safest and most effective solution available for their specific need. StemCellFinder.org is dedicated to patient safety, education and healing regarding the medical use of adult stem cells, so you are encouraged to contact them directly on their web site.

Other Suggestions:

Eliminate all the candidates that practice stem cell therapy with anything other than autologous adult stem cells.
Only consider Clinics that have Emergency Room facilities on the premisses.
Prefer Doctors or Clinics that offer a good pre and post therapy protocols.
Only consider Doctors and Clinics that give you a strong sense that they are concerned about your well being and about providing quality care.
If donor cells are required, make sure they are matched to your blood type and that the cells are from a reliable source that has rigorously filtered and screened them, and stored them and shipped them properly.
Make sure you can confirm the practitioner’s credentials and that they are in good standing.
Make sure the clinic is equipped to take care of any medical needs you might have.
Make sure the doctor or clinic you are considering is a member of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS).

Given the success of autologous adult stem cells occurring every day your efforts should be worth it providing you heed the advice provided and seek some guidance from an organization that knows the terrain and pitfalls well.

R. Cash McCloy


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