CSC Scientific Introduces Automatic Tensiometers -- Now Computer Controlled Surface Tension Measurements For Liquids and Powders

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CSC Scientific Company, a manufacturer and distributor of surface tension measurement products, introduces a new product line of fully Automatic Tensiometers that greatly expand the scope of its surface energy analysis domain. These tensiometers are computer controlled. This makes complex testing simple. This product line expands the Company's testing capability to include analysis of dynamic surface tension and contact angle, liquid density and lamella length. It's capabilities also include the measurement of powder wettability, powder contact angle and true powder density.

CSC Scientific Company introduces a line of three Automatic Tensiometers, called the DY Series. CSC has a long history (over 45 years) in producing and distributing duNouy Ring Tensiometers, as a result it has broad experience in measuring surface tension in a wide range of industries.

The new DY Series of Automatic Tensiometers extends the capability of CSC's problem solving to an expanded class of surface analysis specifications. New areas of liquid measurement include dynamic surface tension, dynamic contact angle, liquid density and lamella length analysis. The capabilities also extend to wettability , contact angle, and true density examination of powders.

Printing, coatings, surfactant, pharmaceutical,environment associated, petrochemical, semiconductor and other related industries need surface analysis measurements to develop products and processes, and to monitor production quality. Because of the wide scope of functions of these tensiometers, it is expected that new prospects will be found in each of these industries.

Each tensiometer is fully automatic. They use a combination of measurement techniques which include the duNouy Ring and Wilhelmy Plate methods. Measurement processes are totally computer controlled by software that directs each step of the measurement, records and displays the results, furnishes real time instructions, and encompasses user guides and video examples,

There is an extensive array of accessories that make the measurement set up easy and repeatable by controlling such things as sample temperature..

Kyowa Interface Science Company, the leading innovator, developer and producer of surface testing instruments in Japan, manufactures the DY Series Automatic Tensiometers, which represent their newest and most advanced surface tension products. Kyowa is located in Niiza-City, Japan.

CSC is working in conjunction with Scientific Gear, the importer of DY Automatic Tensiometers, to provide a full range of application support and field service for this new product line. It is excited about this opportunity to provide it's current customers with expanded testing capabilities and to satisfy expanded surface tension testing needs of new industrial and university customers.

CSC Scientific announces the immediate availability of the Kyowa DY Series Automatic Tensiometers. CSC Scientific has been providing advice and equipment for critical surface tension testing 40 years.

You can get more details of these products at the CSC Scientific web Site.


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