A Tale of Two Sites: A Short Story of Novel Technologies for Forest-Fire Control, Wireless-Bandwidth Conservation, GEETA, Interfaith, Science of Spirituality...

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GEETA is a nonprofit [501(c)3] organization; it would endeavors to form a network of creative people contributing their time, energy and talent toward helping the community and the society, with a motto of continually improved "Knowledge, Progress, Harmony." Visit http://www.GeetaSinhaPhysicsEtAl.org.

Recently, Dr. Ashok Sinha, a Physicist by profession and writer and poet by hobby, who lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan, established two entities registered in Ann Arbor: (1) General Education, Economics and Technology Associates (GEETA); and (2) Multi-Consulting Services (MCS).

GEETA is a nonprofit [501(c)3] organization; it would endeavor to form a network of creative people contributing their time, energy and talent toward helping the community and the society, with a motto of “KNOWLEDGE, PROGRESS, HARMONY. ” Especial emphasis would be laid on better understanding among diverse groups for communal harmony. GEETA would also perform research in the areas of Communications Technology, relevant aspects of Socio-Economics, basic sciences, Spirituality (including synthesis of Yoga, Science and Religion), and other related areas, with the aim of promoting creative contributions in the form of educational and literary writing, Interfaith conferences, and work-shops.

MCS is intended to be a technical consulting organization in the area of satellite and wireless (cellular) telecommunications, with potential expansion to also include energy and environment-related information and consulting services.

Ashok Sinha’s vision is to provide appropriate services to the community and public at large through these two entities in the delineated areas, as outlined in two websites:

(1) http://www.GeetaSinhaPhysicsEtAl.org (the GEETA-site)
(2)http://www.askmcs.com (the MCS-site)

A preliminary version of the first site (GEETA) is already operational and being updated periodically; the second site (MCS) is being reconfigured to reflect its expanded mission. It is envisioned that any earning from the consulting activity for MCS-services would be channeled into the development of the activities of the two (mainly of the GEETA) organizations toward constantly evolving public services.

As part of the activities of GEETA in conjunction with MCS, two systems have already been theoretically designed and effort is underway to explore ways to test and implement them. These are:
(A)    Forest Fire Prevention and Control System (abbreviated as “FFiCS”)
(B)    A System for Electromagnetic (EM) Bandwidth Conservation through Ultra-Low Bit-Rate (around 600 bits/second) for transmission of human voice (This is referred to as “MUSICS”)

These systems are briefly described in the GEETA-site under the link labeled as ‘ECONOMICS/TECHNOLOGY’; and are actually copies of applications submitted to the USPTO (Patents pending.) The primary purpose is not so much to exercise patent rights but rather to focus attention on the two critical problems -- namely, (a) Recurring forest fires in many parts of USA and the world; and
(b) Scarcity and congestion of EM spectrum bandwidth in the face of rapidly expanding cellular or mobile telephony services around the world -- and their potential solutions (A and B mentioned above, for example) that may be beneficial to the society, country and the world.

As is well-known, occurrences of disastrous forest fires cause much loss of forestry, property, lives and environment. Recent examples include severe cases of wild fires in California, Colorado, Australia, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. Similarly, there is always an escalating concern about, and need of, enhancing the efficiency of utilization of EM bandwidth, a globally limited resource, like oil. It should be pointed out that the technique developed under “MUSICS” is universally applicable to any language of the world and is expected to provide approximately ten-fold (1000%) higher efficiency in EM bandwidth utilization for human speech (e.g., terrestrial and mobile telephony.)

Among other pertinent accomplishments, mention should also be made of the publication of a book titled “The Battlefield of Kurukshetra of the Mahabharat War,” a verse translation in modern English of an Indian classic. This book vividly portrays the basic causes of wars and ways to prevent them. Although the historical context is ancient (some 5000 years ago) and Indian, the theme is obviously universal and equally relevant for today’s world. Leaders and readers of any country and cultural background can find this book a rewarding reading.

The spirit of service harbored by Ashok Sinha also found a gratifying opportunity when, as the Manager of Service Development in the Business Planning Division of INTELSAT (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization, Washington, D.C.), he played a crucial role to help institute low-cost satellite telecom network for a dozen or so small island countries of South Pacific region, through a technically innovative approach. This type of service also became applicable to rural and remote telecommunication via satellites.

Similarly, he was instrumental in the design of the electromagnetic (transmit and receive) characteristics of the first digital television satellite (“ECHOSTAR”) in the world. [Some of the techniques suggested by him (described as part of the FFiCS) could also find other useful applications: alleviating the rain-degradation of the associated digital TV commercial service (DISH NETWORK) in the USA; monitoring of remote regions, for example.] The GEETA website also includes items and information pertaining to his experiences and outcome regarding these types of services. Ashok Sinha has served as the honarary Editor of two spiritually-oriented journals for last 10 years, and a number of his insightful Editorials are also compiled in the GEETA site. Currently, he is also involved in developing a Group of people interested in exchange of spiritual views and in Interfaith dialog, including discussion of the relationship of religion, spirituality and science; and another Group for discussion and reading of poetry.

In passing, it may be mentioned that Ashok Sinha, partly under the auspices of GEETA and MCS, has authored 16 books including translation in English of Indian and Persian (Sufi) classics. Further books (plus Group-meetings and conferences, as appropriate) on religious harmony are planned in near future. Items of general interest in various areas are likely to be added to the two sites (GEETA and MCS) from time to time. He has started a subsidiary of GEETA called Geetanand Publication. Author of over 40 technical papers for professional journals in space physics and satellite communications, he even ventured to send a few poems to President Obama on the eve of his inauguration, felicitating him and decrying terrorism, and on the menace of terrorism. These items could also be seen in the GEETA site.

At present the GEETA as well as the MCS organizations have no members or employees other than their Founder-President (Ashok Sinha), who, through this news-release, invites interested people to become associated with one or both of these organizations (see the 'CONTACT US' link in the GEETA-site.) Interested marketing agents for patents and books are also invited to contact. The GEETA organization is also expected to expand internationally in due course, toward development of a global network of dedicated and talented people motivated to contribute in diverse fields for a better community and global village – aspiring to make a difference for a better tomorrow.


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