Launches Ultimate Privacy Tools for Email and Telephone

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New technology picks up where conventional anti-spam and the “Do-Not-Call List” fall short. The familiar three-toned “Doo Dah Dee®" sound means telemarketers are out of luck and your phone number is out of their database.’s users users spend less time deleting spam and being disturbed by unwanted phone calls

The Do Not Call List That Actually Works!

Most people are surprised that the ‘Do Not Call List’ doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to do...we were tired of...(those) that don’t have to pay attention to any ‘Do Not Call List'

DooDahDee.Com, Inc. announces the immediate launch of its website, providing the most effective way yet to block email spam and unwanted calls on landlines and cellphones. The Cheyenne, Wyoming startup’s system uses a web-based database as part of a system that eliminates unwanted calls and email.

“Most people are surprised that the ‘Do Not Call List’ doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to do. Like everyone else, we were tired of answering phone calls from telemarketers from other countries that don’t have to pay attention to any ‘Do Not Call List’,” said Ted Reyes, spokesman for DooDahDee.Com, Inc. “We found that we were also spending a huge amount of time deleting spam from our e-mail, wishing that someone would come up with a way to keep spam out of our in-boxes in the first place. We were tired of getting calls in the middle of the day and night, and e-mails that we didn’t want. We needed to reclaim control of our phones and e-mail.”

How does it work? “Our PrivacySentry™ Suite is the central element that puts you back in control of your phone and email,” said Reyes. The PrivacySentry™ consists of a central database that controls three parts of the suite: the EmailSentry™, the CellphoneSentry™ and the LandlineSentry™. plans to debut additional items that are part of the patent-pending suite, which will enable users to extend the same airtight privacy guards to many other devices, according to Reyes.

The EmailSentry™ is a web-based service that allows the user to check any e-mail account that they own from anywhere in the world. The user can block and bounce e-mails that he doesn’t want – for any of their email accounts. Once an e-mail arrives in the user’s inbox, the user can bounce it back to the sender, as well as “block” any more e-mails from that sender.

The CellPhoneSentry™ uses a Bluetooth®-based headset to prevent unwanted calls from ringing through and bothering the user. The device works like any other small and light Bluetooth™ device, but includes an extra feature found in no other device: it blocks unwanted calls. The user can download his cellphone’s phone book, and any phone number stored in the phone book will automatically ring through. Callers whose phone numbers aren’t in the phonebook, or those using caller-ID blocking will hear a ‘Doo Dah Dee®’ tone. Callers must enter a 3-digit code, and match a number that is already in the caller’s database. The caller has three tries to enter the right combination. If he doesn’t enter the right combination after the third try, the call will automatically hang up. The user will never hear the earpiece ring, and never have to answer a telemarketer’s annoying call again.

The LandlineSentry™ works exactly the same way as the CellphoneSentry™, except that it protects the home telephone. It plugs in between the wall jack and the handset, and blocks any unknown numbers from connecting. Because both devices play the ‘Doo Dah Dee®’ tone, the phone numbers are automatically deleted from a robo-caller or telemarketer’s database.

The user can also upload the CellphoneSentry™ phonebook to their personal database on the DooDahDee website and add, delete and manage users through the website. Since it’s web-based, email and the database can be accessed and updated anywhere there is Internet service.

The CellphoneSentry™ works with any Bluetooth™-enabled phone or computer, and can be used with VoIP software such as Skype or Vonage Softphone®. The LandlineSentry™ can be used with any phone system in the world. The entire PrivacySentry™ Suite uses patent-pending technology, and will shortly release apps for iPhone®, Blackberry® and Android™ cell phones.

Spam and Telemarketing have died today, and DooDahDee.Com killed them. Long live DooDahDee.Com!

Contact DooDahDee.Com for more information:
888-910-BOSLEY (888-910-2675)

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