A Star-Studded, Global Phenomenon Set to Wrap the Planet in a Giant Embrace of Awareness and Protection...Pass IT Around

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PASS IT AROUND...A worldwide AIDS awareness campaign set to launch, lit by the brightest stars of stage and screen.

It's been said that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Devastatingly, no words could more accurately describe the current apathy shown toward the still very clear and present danger of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the world today. Although identified nearly thirty years ago, today's generation of sexually active youth -- not yet born at the time -- alarmingly tend to view the virus as little more than a manageable disease. Adding fuel to this incredibly combustible fire, is the fact that the media has largely relegated HIV/AIDS to "yesterday's news." With the dimensions of the epidemic remaining absolutely staggering, these attitudes conspire to form the perfect storm of ignorance and extreme peril, in light of the statistics, which speak for themselves.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2009, alone, more than 33 million people were living with HIV, 2.7 million more became infected with the virus and 2 million individuals died of HIV-related causes. Broken down, what this means is:

  • Over 7,000 young adults become infected with HIV daily
  • Over 8,500 people die from AIDS every single day
  • One child will die of AIDS every minute

Of course, these numbers do not take into account the millions of more lives affected by the virus. With no cure or vaccine on the horizon, the only protection from the disease is through prevention and this is where the "IT" Condom tee-shirt comes in. With its hip design and ultra powerful message, IT has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of individuals and, hence, has been instrumental in educating and protecting that many and more, young lives. But, now, we're providing our "message to the masses"; a world-wide tour, to be exact. Through the "Pass IT Around" Campaign, the tee-shirt (which has come to symbolize safe sex), will be handed -- in tag team fashion -- to and from those infected with and affected by the virus, as well as those who deeply care. Participants will represent every race, creed, religion, socio-economic level and location on the planet. From an orphaned by AIDS 12-year-old boy in Africa forced, by such unthinkable circumstances, to care not only for himself, but his three younger siblings...to an HIV-infected mother in Germany ministering to the substantial needs of her young daughter who acquired the disease in utero (merely two of the numerous untold stories)...to a galaxy of stars of stage, screen, Broadway, and the world at large; this traveling symbol of hope and awareness will be passed from one to another around the world. Sheparding the journey and conducting the interviews for the individual stories will be acclaimed AIDS activist/educator, author, and award-winning poet (who was, herself, diagnosed as HIV positive in 1991), River Huston.

A truly once in a lifetime event, of untold power and knowledge, this campaign is destined to forever change the lives of everyone it touches in the most profound ways possible. For in a world worth saving, we must all do our part to band together. So please join us in supporting our universal circle of awareness, education, and prevention. And, most importantly, Pass IT Around!

For further information or to become a part of this absolutely earth-shaking event, please contact either: Jane MacLean Craig (212) 876-1322 or Robert Moore (315) 461-9955.


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