Final Fantasy 14 Guide Released

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Killer Guides released a leveling and gil-making guide that gives new FFXIV players a massive head start.

The game guide publisher, Killer Guides ( ), recently made a set of Final Fantasy XIV guides available at their online shop. One of the first guides released for the game is the strategy guide which is offered as a download-able e-book in PDF format. The product is offered at 29.99 USD and is available as a single guide as well as part of the guides bundle for Final Fantasy XIV. At the moment, the bundle itself consist of three guides, the strategy guide, a class guide and a gil making guide.

The strategy guide at offers both, preliminary explanations to the FFXIV's gaming techniques as well as advanced strategies, thus, making the guide suitable for players of all levels of gaming experience. With the introduction of being able to play multiple classes with the same character, Final Fantasy XIV brings forth the concept of physical and class levels. The strategy e-book provides a good explanation on how these two differ as well as provides readers with a rich source of strategies and tactics to level up their character quickly.

Guildleves are yet another new gaming concept brought about by Square Enix in Final Fantasy XIV. Guildlevels are cards that needs to be activated in order for a player to start on a certain quest. Square Enix introduced guildleves to enable players to complete quests without interruptions from other players such as luring away quest monsters. The difficulty level of each quest would also be adjustable by the player. The Killer Guides strategy guide covers this gaming aspect in detail. The guide has a complete chapter which provides an in-depth explanation on guildleves as well as step-by-step walkthroughs on how to complete the important quests.

The strategy guide is prepared by an experienced MMORPG gamer who has loyally stayed hooked to all of the Final Fantasy series. As such, the strategy guide offers unique gaming strategies, tips and advices from a players' point-of-view. Written in a simple and easy to understand writing style, the guide takes readers from gaining a better understanding of the game, to taking their performance in the game to a whole new level. The guide features a wide range of strategies for various aspects of the game, including those such as ways to maximize a character via optimized skill point allocations, where to get the best gear for each class and managing an effective guild.

After an extended period spent playing Final Fantasy XI, the XIV series is more than welcomed by fans of Square Enix. The ingeniously set-up game features such as the ability for players to switch between classes and adjusting quest difficulty levels has attracted not only Final Fantasy fans but a large portion of the MMORPG gaming community.

Having been in the game guide industry for years, Killer Guides currently boasts a portfolio of over 140 guides covering widely played MMORPGs such as Aion, World of Warcraft, EVE Online and Star Trek Online. All their guides are offered as single guides as well as part of guide bundles. An All Access Pass option which enables members to gain access to all the Killer Guides products is also available for gamers who enjoy playing a wide range of games.

For more information about their Final Fantasy XIV portfolio and the recently released strategy guide, visit their listing of Final Fantasy XIV products at


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