Park Meadows Surgeons Perform Advanced Nipple Sparing Breast Reconstruction Procedure, Believed to be First of its Kind in Colorado Region

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Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams say nipple sparing DIEP flap breast reconstruction may improve the aesthetic outcome for select mastectomy patients.

At Park Meadows, we work very closely with the patient’s oncologist and cancer surgeon to help determine the best approach from both a health and aesthetic standpoint.

Leading Colorado plastic surgeons Dr. Jeremy Z. Williams and Dr. Christopher G. Williams have successfully performed what is believed to be the first nipple sparing DIEP flap breast reconstruction in the Colorado region, it was announced today by Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. This advanced breast reconstruction procedure may improve the aesthetic outcome for select mastectomy patients.

According to Dr. Jeremy Williams, “Until recently, the entire nipple and areola were routinely removed during mastectomy because of concerns that this tissue could contain cancer cells. However, new, sophisticated surgical techniques have made it possible to spare the nipple for certain low-risk mastectomy patients.”

The surgeons at Park Meadows caution that not all patients are good candidates for nipple sparing breast reconstruction and that, while preserving the nipple and areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple) may provide more natural-looking results, the health of the patient and treatment of the cancer remains of primary importance. Patients with small, localized tumors situated away from the nipple may be good candidates, as well as patients who elect to undergo prophylactic mastectomy in order to reduce the risks for developing breast cancer. Patients should discuss the procedure with both their oncologist and plastic surgeon to determine if nipple sparing mastectomy and breast reconstruction may be right for them.

Dr. Christopher Williams said, “While nipple sparing breast reconstruction is not right for every patient, we believe it presents an exciting option for select qualified patients who desire the most sophisticated form of breast reconstruction available. At Park Meadows, we work very closely with the patient’s oncologist and cancer surgeon to help determine the best approach from both a health and aesthetic standpoint.”

During the nipple sparing DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure, the skin of the breast, the nipple and the areola are left intact, and only the underlying breast tissue is removed through a simple incision around the areola or beneath the breast. The surgeons at Park Meadows use the innovative DIEP flap procedure (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap), which uses the patient’s own tissue to reconstruct the breast. The DIEP flap procedure is a sophisticated technique that is able to provide long-lasting, natural-looking results, while avoiding muscle weakness at the donor site, a complication that is often associated with older tissue flap procedures.

Patients who undergo nipple sparing mastectomy should understand that, because most of the nerves that provide sensation must be removed to limit the cancer risks, the reconstructed nipple will usually have no significant sensation after the procedure. Additionally, removing tissue behind the nipple can alter blood supply to the nipple, which may lead, in certain instances, to necrosis (death of tissue) in the nipple and areola. Patients with smaller breasts (A to B cup size) tend to have a lower incidence of nipple necrosis after mastectomy.

The surgeons at Park Meadows are committed to helping breast cancer patients, as well as women who are at risk for breast cancer, to understand all of their options for breast reconstruction so that they can make the most informed choice. For further information about breast cancer reconstruction, visit or call 303-706-1100.

About Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery

Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery has played an important role in serving women with breast cancer in the Colorado region. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery co-founded the Rocky Mountain Center for Breast Surgery, which focuses on providing education and compassionate patient care. Additionally, Park Meadows surgeons were the first in Colorado to offer the innovative DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure. With three experienced and respected surgeons – Dr. Randolph Robinson, Dr. Jeremy Williams, and Dr. Christopher Williams – Park Meadows is committed to providing a full range of state-of-the-art plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures together with unparalleled patient care.

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