Green Foods Support Cellular Function: Cell-nique Offers 4 Steps to a Healthy Body and Mind

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Cleansing, balancing and nourishing the body along with living consciously, enables everyone to elevate to their highest health and wellness potential. Cell-nique is a Super Green Drink containing 31 super green foods that detoxify, alkalize and nourish.

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Our body is made of 10 trillion cells that make us into a uniquely beautiful human being, with each cell working together to sustain and support the body’s systems and functions

The road to healthy enlightenment is paved with good intentions. However, we are not all yoga experts and are not as disciplined in our journey towards a higher, healthier existence. Cell-nique Cell-nique is making it simple by providing consumers with 4 steps toward a cleaner, more balanced body and spirit.

1. Detoxifying the body daily revitalizes and regenerates cells. Eating foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and protein, ensures that your body’s cells are receiving the nutrients to function properly and prevent disease.

“Our body is made of 10 trillion cells that make us into a uniquely beautiful human being, with each cell working together to sustain and support the body’s systems and functions,” explained Dan Ratner, Cell-nique Co-Founder. Every body’s cells need the same basic conditions to function properly and be healthy, including good food, oxygen and daily toxin removal. Internal detoxification every day, leads to a healthy cellular profile in both body and mind.

In as much as what you remove from your body is important to maintaining elevated health and wellness so too is what you put in it. Once you’ve removed toxins from your body it is crucial to nourish your cells with highly nutritious foods.

2. Acid/Alkaline Balance in the body is vital to overall health. Excessive acidity inhibits the evolution of cells by inhibiting growth and speeding up de-generation. Normal body function depends upon the correct balance of acid and alkaline in the blood and other body fluids. The higher the acidic levels in the body; the less oxygen is available for the body’s fluids. Eating acid-forming foods such as meat, sugar, white flour products, coffee and processed foods can cause over-acidity. Stress can also cause high levels of acidity, thus lowering the immune system.

3. Nourishment is choosing those foods that will feed the body and mind to perform at its’ peak. “The foods and ingredients we ingest will either increase or decrease cellular toxicity,” explained Ratner. Eating processed foods containing chemicals and preservatives, is adding toxins to the cells. These toxins stress the cells and the body’s cleansing organs (kidney, liver, and skin); decreasing the ability to support the body’s systems. While vegetables are highly nutritious, according to Ratner, “common commercial vegetables are not as high in vitamins and minerals as organic vegetables or super foods.” Cell-nique’s Cell-nique super greens and super foods contain higher levels of vitamins, minerals proteins and fatty acids in liquid form, feeding the cells directly with pure nutrition. You got to put super gas in a race car, just as professional athletes and the smartest thinkers eat super foods.

4. Living Consciously. “The DNA in our cells is our master blueprint. It holds all of our cellular programming and dictates who we physically are,” says Dan Ratner. “We can actually enhance the program of our DNA by making better choices, feeding our body and nourishing our mind with positive thoughts.”

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