What is unique about the No.1 bestselling self-help book ‘The True Dynamics of Life’ by Mike Robinson?

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Often, readers are told how they need to strive and work for their idea of freedom, which may include a concept of peace and a self-actualised way of being. They are instructed to follow various techniques set out by the author to reach this state. By contrast, what Robinson says, is that the eternal, the ultimate state of being, can be reached right now, without years of study, training or any special gifts.

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Mike Robinson has written a revolutionary self-help book that has recently reached no.1 on the Amazon bestseller list. What makes this book so special? Many books lead the reader into a belief system of attainment or achievement and some describe levels of learning, which implies that the reader is actually separate from the author. The author appears to have some status of authority, forming a teacher and student relationship with the reader, who is led to believe that they are somehow lacking in something. By reading the book the reader finds out what is missing in their lives and if they put in the work they can move towards achieving a different state of being. However, ‘The True Dynamics of Life’ shows how each person has the ability to be their true selves right now.

Robinson explains that a negative or a positive reaction to any situation in our life is a movement within the mind between pain and pleasure, so reacting from either one will bring a disturbed outcome. People 'believe' pleasure is love, as the feeling is the furthest point away from pain. This is what has confused humans and brought about a state of violence within the world and within themselves. The more each person seeks the higher hits of pleasure, the more lower points of pain there are.

Robinson continues by pointing out that a pendulum swings from one side to the other, and this is reflective of the movement of most people's minds throughout the day. One minute they are in pleasure, the next annoyed and so on, continually passing over a point where neither extreme has the momentum. This is the point, according to Robinson, where the eternal resides, in the space within the mind between thoughts. It is not possible to create this space by controlling thoughts or manipulating them into silence. It is found by a realisation that the mind is constantly moving between negative and positive and the act of observation of this happening, is the ending of the swing.

This space has no pleasure or pain in it, yet it has a feeling of completeness, which is not fleeting and its expansion is limitless. To live here you would have to surrender the swing of your mind totally without any effort. Anyone reading these words and then 'seeing' it happening within themselves, then they already have access to the eternal.

The contents of this book are designed to give the reader powerful tools to guide the individual through the dynamics of this process and create a journey of self discovery. It uses words as a trigger rather than a set of rules or additional beliefs which would only further feed the pendulum of the mind.

The True Dynamics of Life is available for sale online at Amazon.com, from Mike Robinson’s website and other outlets.

For those wanting support on their journey there is a membership facility on Mike's website as well.

About the Author
Mike Robinson is a writer and personal development teacher dedicated to sharing his understandings. Brought up from the age of 3 months in a children’s home in absolute suffering, then put out into the world at 16 yrs with only the clothes he stood up in and no understanding of how the world worked, he spent many years observing his own and others pain until he found the solution. He has since spent the past 35 years travelling the world in an effort to help people recognize the truth and understand love in action. A father of three, Robinson resides in North Walsham with his family.


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