Anti-Mildew & Anti-Oxidation--What Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. Auto Dry Box & Dehumidifying Cabinet Can Do for You

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As Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. knows that, in certain humid areas, a thoroughly durable dehumidifying cabinet & auto dry box can keep well maintenance of equipments or electronic components for customers.

"Over 20-year expert experiences in auto desiccators & dehumidifiers, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. Introduces Effective Moisture-proof Solution for Your Treasure" said the sale representive.

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Worry about how to keep your precious digital single lens reflex (DSLR) or 3C products in moisture-proof storage? Wondering the ways to maintain the freshness for pills or food? This year, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. (, as a solution provider in dehumidification technology, introduces more state-of-art products and presents the best auto dry box & dehumidifying cabinet solution for discerning customers.

Established in 1985, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. takes much time and efforts to dedicate in auto dehumidification and desiccation technology. Because Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. knows that, in some humid areas, a thoroughly durable dehumidifying cabinet can keep well maintenance of equipments; mildew & corrosion protection enables electronic components/machines and semiconductor instruments away from oxidation--the enemy of any items. With the company’s core spirit, it puts much attention on ditching the ways in humidity control, anti-mildew, anti-oxidation and anti-rust for its various moisture-proof cabinets, and stretches its marketing arms for dehumidifying cabinets into global markets, especially in Asia and some humid countries in Europ.

While “Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction” becomes global movement around all fields of world industries, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. also rolls its sleeves to catch up the Green Energy trends, and promotes Humidity-Resistance Movement for its customers. It focuses on development of state-of-art dehumidifying cabinets ( involved with Molecular-Sieve Adsorption & Shape-Memory-Alloy technology that can technically support carbon reduction and effectively save customers’ expenditure in durable storage. In addition, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. uses a specific dual-sensors design consisted of independent sensor on hygrometer and on dehumidifying system to enhance its accuracy of its RH control, therefore, distinguishing its strength out of this challenge market.

For common or family usage, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. introduces its Auto Dry Box (Auto Dehumidifying Cabinet) ( containing four different types: iBox Series, Compact Series, Abundant Series, and Executive File Cabinet Series. Specified in auto-electronic desiccators and low-humidity keeper, these Series are well-designed for optical photographic equipments, especially for lens & relatives, 3C items or digital products. As photographer or 3C players know, mildew may form in the surrounding of humidity limit over 60% RH, and mildew or moisture can accelerate ruin of the function to optical lens, digital devices, or high-end musical instruments. In order to avoid the ruin from mildew and moisture, Compact Series Cabinets (, for insistence, are designed for automatic humidity control ranging from 25% to 55% RH, that effectively keep good maintenance of instruments. Besides, its silent operation with adjustable sliding trays offers varying flexible usages to discerning users.

Furthermore, Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. also presents items for industrial use. Approved by EN ISO 9001, the Fast Super Dryer (Digital Humidity Cabinet) ( includes three multi-functional series: TD Series, SDC Series, and XDC Series are manufactured not only for home use but for precision instrument. Take XDC Series for example, the Cabinets designed to meet IPC/JEDEC Standard -STD-033B are capable of strict humidity control under 10% RH or even 5% RH. Featured in dual sensors design, this moisture sensitive device combined with desiccant system & hygrometer enables business to maintain their data, electronic machines, optical devices, or even high-end semiconductor instruments under good storage.

If you’re still wondering how Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. Auto Dehumidifying Cabinets can benefit your life and keep your business data storage away from humidity problem, why not just visit our website: or give us a call. Customers in need with any information of dehumidifier and desiccators are welcomed to send inquiry mail to the contact mail box: Sales(at)eurekadrytech(dot)com. Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. products are always by your side. The following comes our contact info.:

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