Wyatt-MacKenzie Fall 2010 Fiction -- An Alcoholic Classic, A Sober Sequel, and a Kennedy Resurrection

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A sequel to a NY Times bestseller and a new edition of a novella called "Compelling and Audacious" by NY Times Book Review top Wyatt-MacKenzie's Fall 2010 fiction roster.

Wyatt-MacKenzie, the award-winning indie press, releases three titillating fiction titles in Fall 2010. The first two: the sequel to the NY Times Bestseller THE CRACKER FACTORY along with the re-release of the 1977 original book-turned-movie. And the third: a new edition of a 1994 novella the New York Times Book Review called "Audacious and Compelling" entitled HUMPING CREDENZAS WITH THE LATE BOBBY KENNEDY. They may be at opposite ends of the genre spectrum, but both are masterfully written by seasoned writers.

Lifting the Veil of Alcoholism and Recovery -- Hot New Sequel from Hollywood-Insider

An estimated 23 million people grapple with severe alcohol or drug abuse -- more than twice the number of Americans afflicted with cancer. Some 1.2 million people belong to one of AA's 55,000 meeting groups in the US.

An article in Wired magazine (July 2010) included these statistics, along with this assessment of the treatment program AA: "AA itself will always be an enigma. But research in other fields -- primarily behavior change and neurology -- offers some insight into what exactly is happening in those church basements. To begin with, there is evidence that a big part of AA's effectiveness may derive from something more fundamental: the power of the group."

THE CRACKER FACTORY 2: WELCOME TO WOMEN'S GROUP (Wyatt-MacKenzie, Sept. 2010) provides layered evidence of the power of AA, and offers readers a seldom-seen peek inside two mysterious worlds which both share a propensity for anonymity: Hollywood and alcoholics.

Readers take a seat at the table in weekly women's AA meetings. Script-styled dialogue cuts straight from novel to reality sitcom. Alternating memoir chapters reveal more than recovery doctrines, sharing intimate details of inside a career in Hollywood.

The first novel, THE CRACKER FACTORY (Macmillan, 1977), was ground-breaking for showing the misunderstood illness of alcoholism, and the lack of treatment from inside the cold walls of a mental institute. The movie by the same name starring Natalie Wood became a cult classic for recovered alcoholics -- all candidates for this modern, Lindsay-Lohan-generation part two of the tale.

"A gift of a book that reaches out and grabs you by the heart… like a deeply felt conversation with the best friend you ever had. If you're an alcoholic, or if you love one, or if you're any sort of living, breathing, feeling human being, let this book into your life... in one way or another, it will change you," reviews Marcy Carsey, Co-creator of Carsey-Warner, producers of The Cosby Show, Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, A Different World, Cybill, Third Rock from the Sun, Grounded for Life, and That '70s Show.

Author Joyce Rebeta-Burditt still attends weekly meetings. After her first novel became a bestseller and movie, she went on to enjoy a prolific Hollywood career as a network executive, writing and producing some of the most beloved TV shows of the eighties and nineties: Matlock, Perry Mason, Father Dowling Mysteries and Diagnosis Murder to name a few. She also authored two novels TRIPLETS and BUCK NAKED. Her website is http://crackerfactorybooks.com.

The Kennedy Mystique Lives On

Award-Winning author facing his own death is bringing RFK back to life with a romp through reincarnation and redemption, prison and purgatory, Bobby, Jack, Marilyn, Hell and Heaven.

In 1994 Robert Ellis Gordon released a novella called WHEN BOBBY KENNEDY WAS A MOVING MAN to national acclaim. After a terminal diagnosis of Lupus, the author expands his passionate prose for social justice to reach a new generation. His ulterior motive -- to keep himself, and the Kennedy myth, alive.

HUMPING CREDENZAS WITH THE LATE BOBBY KENNEDY (OCT 2010) is a fascinating new edition from novelist Robert Ellis Gordon. Equally as intelligent as it is wild, it aims to fuel the country's current dialogue on social equality, while rekindling the Kennedy legacy.

In the story a reincarnated Bobby Kennedy, sent back to earth as a blue collar moving man, avenges the Mafia boss behind the Kennedy assassinations and lands In prison. Spectacular hallucinations delve into RFK's subconscious thoughts on politics, conspiracy, family, sex, parenting, and marriage ending in appreciation and absolution.

Gordon has received his Last Rites ten times but uses death as his muse -- along with the major reviews of the first edition -- to recreate this, his potential pre-mortem magnum opus: "Audacious ... Compelling ...Full of wicked humor and compelling forays into the dark side of the Kennedy myth," according to the New York Times Book Review. "With delicious abandon, author Robert Ellis Gordon takes us on a romp through Purgatory, Earth and Hell," writes the Philadelphia Enquirer. "Electrifying ...The yarn to end all Kennedy yarns," wrote Kirkus Reviews.

Robert Ellis Gordon, the six-time awarding-winning author of THE FUNHOUSE MIRRORS: REFLECTIONS ON PRISON (2001), has written for Esquire, the Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Ploughshares, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Huffington Post. He is a Harvard Alumni who taught writing In Washington State prisons, juvenile institutions and inner-city high schools. He wrote FUNHOUSE MIRROR while undergoing chemotherapy, collaborating with six of his incarcerated students to let their voices be heard. The book won the 2000 Washington State Book Award. Diagnosed with Lupus in 1998, Gordon has been in and out of remission and is now under Hospice care. His website is http://HumpingCredenzas.com.

Wyatt-MacKenzie located in Deadwood, Oregon is known for providing an unparalleled author experience. Visit http://wyattmackenzie.com

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