MIG Welding Nozzle Rental Program Reduces Costs & Helps Environment

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The PerfectArcs™ star welding nozzle rental program helps to protect the environment, reduces welding costs, and provides a contribution to a welding student scholarship fund. All rental nozzles are PerfectArcs self-cleaning nozzles--which eliminate the need for labor-intensive spatter release sprays & dips and are guaranteed to last 5 to 20 times (or more) longer than ordinary nozzles.

Comparing PerfectArcs nozzles to Ordinary nozzles

A new MIG welding nozzle rental program was introduced today by Weld Daddy anti-spatter defense systems of Dalton, Georgia. Designated the Single & Tandem Annual Rental (STAR) program, the new program enables qualifying companies the option to rent nozzles instead of buying them. A key component of the STAR program is a unique welding nozzle recycling plan—which includes a “Help the Environment” container which is provided to customers for storage and shipment of used nozzles. Additionally, the STAR program provides a contribution to a welding student scholarship fund.

All welding nozzles rented through the STAR rental program are PerfectArcs™ self-cleaning welding nozzles. These long-life weld nozzles are ideal for virtually any manual or robotic MIG welding process—including operations using tandem and/or custom weld nozzles. PerfectArcs self-cleaning nozzles reduce nozzle cleaning times, eliminate the need for labor-intensive spatter release sprays & dips, and are guaranteed to last 5 to 20 times (or more) longer than ordinary nozzles.

By some estimates, presently there may be as many as 180,000 tons of used welding nozzles in various landfills in the United States. The STAR program helps to reduce the number of nozzles that might be added to that total. STAR customers return their used rental welding nozzles to PerfectArcs—and the nozzles are then re-used, refurbished, or recycled. All proceeds from the STAR program welding nozzles that are recycled are donated to a welding industry scholarship fund.

All PerfectArcs self-cleaning welding nozzles are “Green”—in that (unlike other anti-spatter products) they utilize water-based coatings and contain no PFOA.

By participating in the STAR rental program, companies with welding operations:

    1. Help to protect the environment
    2. Help to protect scarce resources
    3. Help a welding student
    4. Typically lower their welding costs.

Free nozzle cost reduction analysis
To help predict the saving potentials that may result from the use of self-cleaning nozzles, a free Nozzle Cost Reduction analysis program is offered. In some manual welding operations, PerfectArcs nozzles may add up to $100,000 or more to a company’s bottom line—by reducing the number of nozzles required and by significantly reducing nozzle cleaning times associated with welding spatter.

Guaranteed to fit
WeldDaddy does not "manufacture" weld nozzles. Instead, WeldDaddy processes the untreated welding nozzles that customers are now using and transforms those nozzles into PerfectArcs nozzles.

No-risk Nozzle Cost Reduction kit
Prior to renting PerfectArcs nozzles, WeldDaddy will provide qualifying companies and corporations (with a present annual requirement of 500 nozzles or more) a Nozzle Cost Reduction (NCR) kit which has a one-time kit fee of $99.00 (U.S. dollars). Included in the NCR kit are six PerfectArcs nozzles (which have been transformed from customer-supplied nozzles), three suggested testing standards, and test data reporting forms. Customers may test PerfectArcs nozzles in any manner that they choose—and if their test results do not indicate that PerfectArcs nozzles will last at least 5 to 20 times longer and require significantly less cleaning time than their present nozzles, 100% of their Kit payment will be refunded.

Complete details describing the STAR rental program, PerfectArcs self-cleaning nozzles, and the PerfectArcs NCR kit can be found at http://www.PerfectArcs.com.


PerfectArcs™ is the brand name of a product that was developed and is being marketed by the WeldDaddy business unit of Secoa Technology of Dalton, Georgia. Secoa Technology was founded in 1964 by current President Wayne Snyder who has an extensive background in the metal finishing industry. Mr. Snyder developed his business to meet the growing need for specialty coating and plating in the industry. Originally known as Southeastern Coatings, the name was later shortened to Secoa, and the company has grown to be a leader in the high performance industrial coating market.

In June of 2003 the company was acquired by Textile Rubber & Chemical Company, a diversified leader in the chemical industry specializing in latex, polymers, and urethane products worldwide. At Secoa's environmentally compliant and recently expanded 60,000 square foot facility, Secoa provides quality finishing, fast turnaround, and fair market pricing. The Secoa management team has over 140 years of combined experience in the finishing industry. Secoa continues to grow, servicing customers and positively impacting the industry by innovating in the areas of applied high performance coating and plating.

Other WeldDaddy anti-slag and anti-spatter products:

Armordize is an Aluminum Oxide conversion coating that is ideal for protecting aluminum components of weld test fixtures. This extremely hard coating is resistant to abrasion or chipping and can be applied to virtually any aluminum component to protect it from the weld spatter and slag that is common in every welding operation.

FluoroClad SDFC™
FluoroClad SDFC is a metallic reinforced polymer coating system designed specifically to repel weld splatter. "The SDFC coating is nothing short of amazing," according to Don Peters, Vice President and General Manager of Tennessee Rand Company. “We continually look for innovative, world class solutions to the issues that our customers face. Spatter build up can be a maintenance nightmare,” explains Peters. “Picture your customer taking a hammer and a chisel to chip weld splatter off the new fixture you just installed for them. This was a serious problem for our customers.” “Secoa Technology worked with us to develop and come up with the SDFC coating.” We tested it in our shop, showed our customers, and it quickly became a standard feature on all fixtures from Tennessee Rand— problem solved.”

Other Secoa Technology Processes:

Powder coating
Wet coating
Coating on plastics
Diamonite® hard plating

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