New Fire Alarm Device Released, More Effective at Waking Children

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October is Fire Safety Month. There is a new innovative fire alarm device, Awake A Kid™ Wireless Alarm System, which is said to quickly and effectively wake up children using parents own pre-recorded voice. What alarming evidence caused a Miami Plastic Surgeon to create this unique device?

If you have kids, you should have Awake a Kid

“ The alarm system with its voice recording and alerting has been worth every single penny, and I am a customer for life.″

40,000 children are injured and 600 children die annually from home fires. When there is a fire, are you sure your smoke alarm will wake up your children?

Research has shown that 85% of children below the age of 15 do not wake up to the sound of a standard smoke alarm. The new Awake A Kid fire warning alarm system, with custom voice recording, will.

By using a pre-recorded message of a familiar voice, it has been shown that 79% children will wake within 30 seconds and 89% within a minute.

With simple installation, the Awake A Kid works alongside existing smoke detectors, giving you piece of mind that you have given your children the very best chance of escape if the unexpected happens.

How it works:

When a smoke alarm is triggered, the Awake A Kid device is activated and plays back a prerecorded message to awaken the child. Because the device sits next to the child’s bed, the child hears the message loudly and clearly and becomes aware of their emergency situation. The message awakens the child and advises them to follow the prerecorded message instructions and evacuate the home in a timely manner.

  •     Awake A Kid works in conjunction with any standard UL approved smoke alarm.
  •     A parent prerecords a message on the Awake A Kid device such as ,” Wake up Jenny, this is Mommy, there is a fire in the house, run outside the house immediately.”
  •     Awake A Kid is located beside the child’s bed.
  •     When smoke alarm sounds the Awake A Kid device is activated and plays back the prerecorded message and instructions.
  •     Child awakes to the Awake A Kid device due to the calling of their name by a familiar voice.
  •     Child attempts to escape the home and fire per the instructions they just heard.

About the Inventor- A Miami Plastic Surgeon:

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer was deeply affected from seeing children suffering with burn injuries. Determined to make a difference, he then set about researching the root cause of the problem and discovered the disturbing fact that current smoke alarm signals do not wake the majority of children below the age of 15. Backed up a number of studies into this issue, Dr. Salzhauer developed a product to address this fatal flaw in smoke alarms and was granted patents for his life saving idea.

Partnering with experienced manufacturing and product development individuals, American Home Safety Company LLC was started with the mission to ensure that children are given the maximum chance of escape should a home fire occur. Through years of development, the Awake A Kid Wireless Fire Alarm System was perfected and is now available to help save children's lives.

American Home Safety Company LLC believe there is nothing more important than the lives of children and if the Awake A Kid saves just one child from death or injury in a home fire, then it has all been worth it.

For more information please contact: Michael Salzhauer, M.D. thedoctor(at)balbody(dot)com or Kimberly Kulhanjian Kimberly(at)balbody(dot)com cell: 954- 830-8334 - Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates office: 305-861-8266


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