Fufoo Fine Jewelry for Children Warns Parents that Chinese-Manufactured Jewelry May Contain Toxic Heavy Metals Including Lead and Cadmium

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Lab tests conducted for the Associated Press found that some Chinese manufacturers of children's jewelry are substituting cadmium, an even more toxic metal, in place of lead, which is now effectively banned. The Center for Disease control ranks cadmium as the seventh most hazardous substance on earth. Cadmium exposure can cause learning disabilities, kidney and bone problems, and increase cancer risk. Keep your kids safe this holiday season. Look for jewelry that is free from these toxic metals.

“It is unacceptable to put children at risk like this. There are many alloys and enamels that are not only safe, but also make a more beautiful and durable product.”

It is unfortunate that toxic metals have become associated with children’s jewelry and other child-targeted items. But based on recalls of hundreds of of tainted items such as the McDonalds recall of 12 million "Shrek" glasses and Walmart pulling its entire line of Miely Cyrus jewelry, the problem is all too real. Lab testers for the Associated Press found some jewelry items containing more than 90% cadmium. An ABC News Report claimed that if some of this jewelry were industrial garbage, it could qualify as hazardous waste.

According to recent AP reports, notwithstanding the negative publicity, China continues to export jewelry containing these toxic heavy metals. As recently as September, mood rings imported from China contained high levels of lead. And with China shipping out a mind-boggling million or more pounds of low-end jewelry annually, every child is at risk. Consumer Reports estimates that about 20% of children’s metal jewelry contains high levels of lead. And a lead-free label is no guarantee; lead has been found in products bearing the label. Even with federal legislation limiting levels of lead, recalls from lead-tainted imported products are still all too common. Regulators recommend that when in doubt, throw it out.

Now, in addition to toxic lead, our children are facing a new health threat from Chinese jewelry manufacturers, cadmium, an even more toxic heavy metal that is usually associated with the nickel-cadmium compound found in batteries. “There’s nothing positive that you can say about this metal. It’s a poison,” said Bruce Fowler, a toxicologist with the CDC. In fact, cadmium is considered one of the most toxic heavy metals on our planet. Cadmium-laced jewelry is especially dangerous for children because the metal leaches. It can be ingested just from sucking or biting the jewelry; it need not be swallowed.

Why would cadmium alloys be used in jewelry given the substantial health risks? For Chinese manufacturers, it is a cheap metal that’s easy to work with. Health issues just aren’t part of the equation.

Is anything being done to stop this? Fortunately, yes. California just became the largest state to limit cadmium in children’s jewelry starting in 2012, effectively creating a new national standard ahead of promised federal action where a Safe Kids’ Jewelry Act is pending in the Senate. Other states including Washington, Connecticut, Illinois, and Minnesota have already passed restrictions on cadmium in jewelry with bills pending in five other states. The Consumer Products Safety Commission is planning to release new safety standards in all children’s products.

Said Jack Gindi, Owner of FuFoo Fine Jewelry for Children, “All of this legislation is promising, but if history is any indicator, these laws do not create an impermeable barrier from toxic products entering our country. As always, parents must be the final protector of their child’s health and that means being vigilant about jewelry purchases.The surest way for parents to protect their children is to make sure that any jewelry purchased is free from these dangerous and harmful toxic heavy metals."

Continued Gindi, “It is unacceptable to put children at risk like this. There are many alloys and enamels that are not only safe, but also make a more beautiful and durable product.” FuFoo’s fun and whimsical products are imported from Italy and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety. The entire line of fine jewelry for children is and always has been made without toxic metals. FuFoo products make great, safe flower girl gifts.

For more information about the entire line of FuFoo fine jewelry for girls, or to find a local retailer, visit http://www.fufoo.com.


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