Myrtle Beach Marketing Company Leverages Local Tax Opportunity

Share Article is offering Myrtle Beach, South Carolina businesses the benefit of their expertise in leveraging the local tax opportunity. The team of experts can help these businesses capitalize on free advertising by partnering with each other to build a stronger community.

The controversial 1 percent sales tax for out-of-are tourism promotion, implemented Aug. 1 (2009) has raised $14.2 million in 10 months. is a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Marketing firm. Their mission is: To live out a culture of innovation and excellence that matches perfect fit customers with successful businesses.

What does this mission mean for the tourism industry of Myrtle Beach? It means that for every type of hotel, merchant, restaurant, etc there is a customer out “there” waiting trying to find you. has brought together a team of experts necessary to compete in a hyper social world. offers amazing platforms to bring businesses together and help them wade through the internet jungle of marketing.

The people who have brought this together spent the previous five years studying the changes in tourism marketing. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor and other social media aspects the old fashioned way of marketing to bring in customers has all but disappeared. Hotels and resorts that formerly relied on their own personal database to market to their “perfect” customers stand to lose more customers by ignoring the current social trends. At we encourage you to hire an expert to navigate the new internet marketing world for you so that you can focus on checking guests in, cleaning rooms, managing your reservation board and sales cycle.’s time studying the growing trend of internet marketing revealed a key point of interest earlier this year that is crucial to the changing world of marketing. That one item that is critical to the success of web site owners in Myrtle Beach is the 1% sales tax referendum that was passed by the Mayor and City Council members, a tax referendum that the city of North Myrtle Beach is now considering. According to the local Myrtle Beach newspaper, The Sun News, “The controversial 1 percent sales tax for out-of-are tourism promotion, implemented Aug. 1 (2009) has raised $14.2 million in 10 months.” These millions have made a few lucky website owners the area’s biggest winners.

After speaking with data analyst Jeremy Morris, owner of Net Tracking a web based research firm in Denver, Colorado, this is what he had to say:

"If you are a Myrtle Beach business owner, how would you like to wake up one day realizing that your business had just received a $14 million marketing check? With the passing of this referendum, that's exactly what happened to a select, few local website owners. The Myrtle Beach Chamber has primarily been spending these for radio and television advertising. Each 30 second spot lists the chamber's website. Our research indicates that viewers largely do not remember or record these website addresses. Spots like these typically drive potential customers directly to an internet search engine, 77% of which are done on google. The past 5 years of data indicates that only eight major key words get over 72% of all searches for Myrtle Beach. Owning the dot com of any one of these eight major key phrases makes you the principal winner of this 1% sales tax lottery. 100% of some part of all vacations is now researched on the web. Six out of ten stays are purchased through a booking engine."

The eight major keywords for hotel tourism in Myrtle Beach have remained steady since 1998, the year the research, produced by google analytics, and was first closely monitored. These keywords are : #1 Myrtle Beach, #2 Myrtle Beach Hotels, #3 Myrtle Beach Resorts, #4 Myrtle Beach Golf, #5 Myrtle Beach Condos, #6 Myrtle Beach Vacations, #7 Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotels ( Myrtle Beach Hotels Oceanfront), #8 Myrtle Beach Rentals.

"If you have ever done a google search and clicked the “I'm Feeling Lucky” button, you can see why owning the dot com is so important,” says Lorraine Ballerano, Executive Director of "For example, if you type the key phrase Myrtle Beach Hotels, and click “I’m Feeling Lucky,” the website will always appear first."

"With consistent data like this, it is no wonder that the website, was just purchased by Intellistrand last week for $6.5 million,” says Ballerano. "It was a great bargain, considering that the buyer is now being practically given 1 penny in marketing for every purchase made in the town of Myrtle Beach." "It was a savvy buy,” added Morris, "and the buyer knew exactly everything that came with this purchase!"

Unfortunately for the average hotel business owner, it does appear that the best "dot com" website names have been grabbed and the .net, while still valuable, does not typically get the same returns. "It is not enough to get your own product name on the same page with these branded website names, " says Ballerano. "Marketing research indicates that your click through rate will be 18 times lower and your bounce rate will be as much as 38% higher." A quick Domain Registry check indicates that four of these top eight websites are owned by one local Myrtle Beach hotel group, as The Sun News published last week; Intellistrand just purchased the URL for $6.5 million.

While some big winners are already determined, a few key website properties still remain. "Your next best option is to purchase the dot com with a dash (-) in the phrase," says Morris. "Several Myrtle Beach Resort Hotels have done well on search engines using a "dash" URL, including and" Morris adds, "Myrtle-Beach-Resort ranks number one organically for the search term Myrtle Beach Resorts. Each of these websites does millions in rental revenues, consistently outperforming hotel URLs that brand only the hotel's name." With the new local North Myrtle Beach sales tax option also kicking in, acquiring a Myrtle Beach "dash" key phrase website before the 1% sales tax option is passed in North Myrtle Beach would be a shrewd move as Myrtle Beach is already a well known and trusted brand. “Online research shows non city branded URLs fight an uphill battle as consumers click through to the city named URLs first. Sites like, which is not currently owned by any local hotel group, play well on this. This website's Facebook page shows a fan base of just over 180,000 tourists, thanks to’s team of experts.

"There are only two dot com URLs with the name Myrtle Beach and there will never be any more than those two. As Real Estate has taught us, its location, location, location and these are rarest of locations. In a few years, sites like these will be more valuable than the most premium of real estate locations, reselling for prices that keep pace with the current increases being realized today by gold," says Morris.

"When the North Myrtle Beach sales tax option is passed later this year, and those dollars are spent in traditional media", adds Ballerano, “our research indicates North Myrtle Beach advertising dollars will send over 60% of searches to exactly these same eight Myrtle Beach phrases as potential tourists have consistently confused the North Myrtle Beach searches with these same Myrtle Beach search options." recommends that local businesses take advantage of this opportunity to become a part of the new world of internet marketing, there by gaining access to millions of free dollars in advertising money.

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