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Getting to the heart of the matter. A new singing website that teaches you to connect with your core energy.

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By connecting with this central energy, not only do you learn to sing, but also cure stage fright and the mental blocks that stop us from expressing ourselves freely. Hence the title of the program, ‘Singing From The Center.'

Having sung with the band for 10 years, Susan Govali came off the road with the Moody Blues. After finishing a self-penned album in 2003, she moved to San Francisco to work with fellow musician Terry Disley. Sue and Terry had worked together for many years prior to her joining ‘The Moodies’ (as they’re known by their fans), so this was an obvious choice. “As many musicians do, I’ve also taught throughout my career ”, says Sue. “This time around it took over my interest and I found it was teaching me. And gradually became my new career”.

Over the next 5 years she started to find deeper connections with singing than simply singing scales and breathing correctly. “I’m all about less is more, and realized over time that we sing with the core energy of our body, a line of energy which runs through the top of the head down through the perineum. If we learn to use the instrument correctly, then use this core energy to sing, it can have amazing results in a simple, direct way. I’ve seen students struggling with stage fright for years, but didn’t know how to help them. By connecting with this central energy, not only do you learn to sing, but also cure stage fright and the mental blocks that stop us from expressing ourselves freely”. Hence the title of the program, ‘Singing From The Center.'

In 2006 Sue wrote a singing manual and exercise CD called “Singing From the Center of your Voice,” sold in paperback and online. Sales were limited, and the general feedback from her customers was that it was good but hard to visualize using only diagrams and photos. So in 2008 Sue and her husband rented a studio, some gear, and hired a video crew to shoot a DVD. As the editing started it was suggested that they make it an online membership program. This seemed like a more accessible way to present the information. They decided on as a domain name. Sue mentions; “We initially tried to shoot the whole thing in about 10 hours. What were we thinking? We got through the spoken bits but had only shot half the material, so we ended up doing another day of shooting in San Diego”.

Next stop was editing the video clips and creating the website. Luckily Jesper Luth, Sue’s husband (who works in the entertainment industry as a lighting designer for live events) is also a web designer. “Almost everything we did on this site was something we’d never done before, so we had huge learning curve. I’m happy to say I still have all my hair, and we’re still happily married.”

As they started creating the site it naturally grew into an online members community. “We wanted it to be more than just singing lessons.” Says Sue, “I know from my own students that although learning to sing, understanding the instrument, is relatively simple, integrating it and truly ‘getting it’ varies from singer to singer. So students need help and support until they do, in fact ‘get it’”.

The end result is 41 lessons in the form of video clips and diagrams that start with basic breathing exercises and take the viewer right through to performing a song. “The voice is a muscle”, says Sue “so it needs to be developed gradually over time for the singer to really hear and feel the difference. We kept on adding content to the site as we built it, until we had 42 vocal exercises available for students to practice to, a 60-page full color manual, loads of articles on every subject related to singing and the music industry, and a members’ forum, where people can post and ask me questions. It was a lot of work, but it means that members get the help they need and can learn at their own pace”.

There are 2 levels to the site, a free and paid program. The free option keeps members in the loop with samples of the lessons, monthly newsletters and access to posting on the forum and commenting on articles. The paid program gives all of the above, along with full access to the site.

In January 2010 they started beta testing, fixed a few bugs, and have now opened the doors for business. Sue says she’s got a few more ideas in the pipeline including a level 2 to the program, coming soon. Time to give the marriage another test.

If you'd like more information about this company, or to schedule an interview, please call Sue Govali at +1 415 839 2222 or e-mail Sue at sue(at)singingfromthecenter(dot)com.

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