Metaphysical Blog Offers Reporting and Analysis of 'Paranormal' Phenomena and Psychic Abilities

Topics this year at have included a retrospective series about cases of so-called 'poltergeist' phenomena along with a variety of posts about extraordinary people, mind anomalies and spiritual concerns.

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At this time of year, there are many commercialized fictional renderings of paranormal themes for entertainment purposes. My intention with these blog reports is very different.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 7, 2010

Mark Russell Bell found himself confronted by the opportunity to investigate firsthand a case of unexplained phenomena described as "America's Talking Poltergeist" in a 1995 magazine article. He contacted the family experiencing many strange occurrences and arranged an interview. This was the beginning of an astonishing sequence of events. Bell comments on his experiences and research with his blog at

Bell became a metaphysical author with publication of the 1997 nonfiction Testament. Since 2004, he has been working on a new book that analyzes documented cases of unexplained phenomena. Bell comments, "Words such as 'paranormal' and 'supernatural' indicate some aspect of natural reality that is yet to be commonly understood. 'Poltergeist' is a term meaning 'noisy spirit.' My orientation to this subject has been comparing testimonials of such events.

"Since the publication of Testament in 1997, I've looked for information from bona fide sources that could expand one's understanding of life. As I commented when I began my blog, my objective is helping readers find noteworthy sources of information.

"My focus is upon aspects of life that I consider to be of great significance. I offer a personal analytical approach to spirituality and metaphysical subjects to encourage others to better comprehend the basis for their own beliefs."

Among the websites to have recently featured links to Bell's "Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media" blog are About.Com, The Anomalist, Daily Grail, Mysterious Universe, and SupernaturalUFO.Com.

Here are some of the subject headings of blog posts, including book reviews, that may be read at

The Brain and Psychic Phenomena

Channeled Perspectives of the Brain

Unique Recordings of Direct Voice Phenomena

"Alien Interview" Now Available on You Tube

"Vibrational Healing" -- My Notes of a 1996 PRS Lecture by Joy Gardner-Gordon

Clive Wearing's Predicament of Having an Extremely Limited Memory

Orange County Register: "High school teacher's anti-Creationism comment violated law"

2009 Bigfoot Conference Occurs Today in Texas

My Search for the Ghost of Flight 401 by Elizabeth Fuller

Liber Novus (The Red Book) by C. G. Jung

Homeboy's Soul by Don Armijo and Fred Stawitz

Twin Telepathy by Guy Lyon Playfair

Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Bruce and Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross

Pictures of the Mind by Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald

Passings: Death, Dying and Unexplained Phenomena by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff

Bell observes, "At this time of year, there are many commercialized fictional renderings of paranormal themes for entertainment purposes. My intention with these blog reports is very different. Readers are seeking information sources that provide an alternative to commercial publishing and news industries."

A link to Bell's blog may also be found at his website

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Mark Russell Bell is the author of the nonfiction case study Testament, available to be read in a free Internet edition. Available for interview -- photo of Mark Russell Bell from July 29 post

Mark Russell Bell's blog and website have readers throughout the world.