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Everyone wants to get into the ‘Online Business World’ because it’s easy to see that the internet is responsible for almost all of the revenue generation in this current economy. Big business, small business and aspiring business all want what the internet offers… growth!

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Ensuring everyone can get into the ‘Online Business World’ David Beairsto of NetworkFisher, LLC ( has published two powerful guides that:

  •     Introduce traditional business owners to internet marketing
  •     Allow aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome their ‘technophobia’

“Again and again we encounter hesitation and frustration by people who know they need to tap the power of the internet,” Beairsto explained. “Invariably they either end up with a website that does nothing for business or no website at all.”

Anchored Between Cash Flow and Traffic

“3 Online Anchors Every Business Needs” is the flagship project for any traditional business owner. Designed to enable business owners to build their own - Internet Presence, Internet Brand and Internet Following - this guide goes into practical nuts and bolts details about how to obtain traffic and convert it into sales.

“Of course busier professionals can still outsource these projects but they’ll do so knowing exactly what is necessary in a finished internet campaign,” Beairsto asserts, “because knowing what your business needs and why is essentially the value behind the information contained in this book.”

Business owners that are empowered to make good decisions about the web based aspect of their business have a better ROI than those that are uninformed.

Removing The Cloud of Mystery from the ‘Online Business World’

According to Beairsto, “Entrepreneurs continue to produce valuable tools online that make creating content easier than ever before. The problem is that most people can’t connect all the pieces into a cohesive system or plan.”

Borrowing from a background in technology and technical writing, Beairsto wrote, “How To Create Your Online Business World In 6 Days” respecting that his readers wanted a clear guide and a big picture.

Most companies do their best to write procedures and directions to accommodate people from varying technical backgrounds that want to use their products and services.

This manual brings all of those pieces together to paint the bigger picture which in essence becomes an ‘Online Business World.’

Understanding the Creation

“As an added bonus I actually drew out the marketing funnel diagram that represents the virtual business world the reader will have created when they finish the week,” Beairsto explains. “I don’t want to lose anyone in the metaphor any more than I want to lose them with technical language that means nothing to them.”

Meaning, “… at the end of 6 days the foundation for a fully functional online business will exist and the diagram shows exactly how it works and why.”

Indeed the last diagram in the book actually shows the next world (the paid advertising funnel) that the entrepreneur can create once they’ve proven to themselves how easy it was to create the first world.


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