How Would Chelsea and 50 Cent Rate Among Hollywood's Odd Couples?

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The romance between Courtney Cox and the quirky actor David Arquette had been intact for so long, one could forget how shocking it was when the two first got together. Perhaps the pair's disparate personalities finally proved irreconcilable.

When comedienne Chelsea Handler and rapper 50 Cent were recently spotted getting hot and heavy at a New Orleans bar, the inevitable whispers of "Are they or aren't they" were topped by a more pressing query: "Uh, really?" When news came via a tweet from Ms. Handler that it was all work and no play between the two, one could almost hear the world sigh in disappointment. Whether they're hooking up, breaking up, or even just made up, Holly-weird couples have an odd hold over the public imagination. The leading mobile entertainment service Celebrity Squares ranks the most head-scratching celeb pairings.

1. Brigitte Nielsen & Flavor Flav
As much as VH1 producers must have loved it, even they could not have planned for the eccentric clock-wearing rapper and 6' 1" Danish actress - once linked to Sly Stallone - falling for each other on season 3 of the "Surreal Life." The two took bubble baths together as Nielsen lovingly called him "foofy foofy" and even got fitted with gold teeth to match his. After that show, the couple starred in a spinoff called "Strange Love," but alas, endless bickering ended this match made in reality heaven.

2. Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley
On paper, it sort of made sense: Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, and Michael Jackson, the eccentric King of Pop. But actually seeing these two together could only be described as bizarre. The public was even skeptical, due to suspect timing - Jackson was being investigated on child molestation charges. Though Lisa Marie blogged after Jackson's death that "our relationship was not 'a sham'," it's hard to forget the words she had uttered to Oprah years before when asked about that time in her life: "Holy Mother of God!"

3. Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett
In the early '90s, the world was in love with the "Pretty Woman" and couldn't wait to see who would capture her heart. After a failed engagement to Keifer Sutherland, she became romantically involved with a slew of hunks including Liam Neeson, Jason Patric and, reportedly, Daniel Day-Lewis. However, no traditional leading man ultimately got Ms. Roberts to flash her mega-watt smile. Rather, the unconventionally handsome country crooner Lyle Lovett swept Julia off her feet. Tabloids labeled them "Beauty and the Beast" when the two eloped after just a few months, but this fairytale did not end happily ever after.

4. David Spade & Heather Locklear
It's not hard to spot actor/comedian David Spade with a gorgeous Hollywood starlet on his arm. What's more difficult is obtaining confirmation of any serious commitment. Point in case: when Heather Locklear was on the rebound from her breakup with rockstar hubbie Richie Sambora, she was often seen hand in hand with Spade, enjoying intimate dinners and laughing the night away (the little guy is funny, got to give him that). Despite the constant companionship, the two would admit nothing more than "they were good friends." Spade seems to be "good friends" with a bevy of beauties despite his less than movie star stature. Most recently he was linked with the exotic "Top Chef" host, Padma Lakshmi - just another "friend."

5. Courtney Cox & David Arquette
This week's most prominent casualty, the romance between "Friends" star Courtney Cox and the quirky actor David Arquette had been intact for so long, one could forget how shocking it was when the two first got together. Perhaps the pair's disparate personalities finally proved irreconcilable. Or, Cox's "Cougar Town" experience got under her skin. It's even possible that Arquette's rumored fling with Megan Fox look-alike Jasmine Waltz triggered the just-announced separation. In any case, this was one unlikely couple that seemed solid enough to defy the odds.

6. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher
When Demi and Ashton first got together, all people could see was a 15-year age difference and a physical attraction that many regarded as nothing but a fling. But when the two made it official, with Demi's ex Bruce Willis and their three daughters in attendance, Moore and Kutcher became the archetype for the modern power couple. Five years after they tied the knot, the two are still going strong. Despite the occasional bump in the road (like Kutcher's little cheating scandal last month), it seems that Demi trusts her Twitterific man. In fact, the oddest thing about this couple is how devoted they are to each other in a town where breaking up is apparently not hard to do.

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