Masterseek Offers A Way To Browse Companies Instead Of Web Pages… Anywhere in the world.

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The business community is abuzz with talk about Masterseek, a powerful business-centered search platform. It seems that businesspeople who have become tired of lengthy, dead-end searches are now turning to this agile search engine in order to provide focused, highly-relevant results not previously obtainable through older, legacy search providers. According to insiders in companies with search-intensive business models, the Masterseek search process offers the dual competitive advantages of time savings and wide reach.

more than 1.5 billion pages from 82 million businesses, setting a new standard for business-to-business searches

Masterseek’s breakthrough technology allows the user to instantly search around Internet clutter, rather than being forced to search through that clutter. The company’s proprietary data-mining techniques allow searchers to zip through cluttered web pages at blinding speed while still retaining full control over the direction and outcome of the search.

Most importantly, Masterseek offers far-reaching results—The searcher has real-time free access to search among 300 million web pages of 15 million companies worldwide, in the latest, recently launched beta version.

The official launch of Masterseek WebSearch 1.0 is set for November 1, 2010 and the reach is expected to permit users to browse more than 1.5 billion pages from 82 million businesses, setting a new standard for business-to-business searches.

Increasingly, the demand for specific, highly accurate company information is driving a new business model. Gone are the old days of passively clicking on links and hoping for a useful result. In contrast, the Masterseek search platform allows searchers to browse companies instead of web pages. The company’s proprietary protocols and algorithms allow searchers to pick-and-choose from among an array of powerful search tools and shortcuts designed to maximize the value obtained per each unit of spent on Internet searches.

Masterseek provides access to company information in a results-driven format. And, the search parameters can be modified in real time, which saves precious time and bandwidth for systems already burdened by loading bandwidth-intensive (read: advertising-intensive) web pages. Content that is extraneous is ignored, allowing the eye to focus on relevant material.

The result has been an almost cult-like devotion to the Masterseek search engine among people whose livelihood depends upon quickly obtaining successful search results. Said one Masterseek user, “It’s like Gooogle on steroids… I just click the search button and Masterseek instantly blasts through all the junk and advertising hype and delivers me straight to the best, most-relevant results for my search.” Other heavy users of search services speak glowingly of saving several hours of time each day by using only Masterseek for their business searches.

The Masterseek search engine continues to grow in importance and reach; the platform appears to be an interesting and powerful tool for people whose lives (and livelihoods) depend upon the speed and quality of their Internet searches and who require access to highest-quality company information worldwide. Increasingly, these “power searchers” are migrating toward the Masterseek platform in a trend that may disrupt the fortunes of the older, legacy search engines while ushering in a new era of Internet search capability.


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