Genetically Targeted Dietary Supplement Key to Combating Alarming Health Statistics Plaguing the African-American Community

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MiGENETICS African Origin Supplement Rooted in African History, Traditions and Lifestyle; Researchers and Life Science Industry Leaders Launch First Nutritional Supplement Engineered for African-American Men and Women

MiGENETICS African Origin

Once the Africans were removed from their native environment and given a new, nutritionally restrictive and unfamiliar diet that their systems were not genetically designed to eat or appropriately digest, their vital physiological systems began to fail.

According to researchers and life science industry leaders, drastic differences in the diets of African-Americans compared to that of their African ancestors is a leading factor in the prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and kidney disease. These differences in diet can also be attributed to findings that African-Americans live shorter lives and suffer from more infectious diseases and disabilities when compared to Caucasians, American Hispanics and Asian Americans. In response, MiGENETICS has launched a nutritional dietary supplement that carefully mimics the content of an African diet. With 107 active ingredients fortified from the earth, the supplement helps African-American men and women combat alarming health statistics and fortify their diets with all the essential required nutritional elements that their bodies are genetically and physiologically starving for.

The development of MiGENETICS was inspired by The World Health Organization’s Technical Report Series 916 first published in 2003. This report discussed prevention of chronic disease; outlined the potential causative factors of declining health of people around the world; and directly linked disease and premature death to the incongruity between what people of specific ethnic origins traditionally ate and what they eat today. In many cases, the incongruity was the result of a simple diet change from plenty of wholesome vegetables and fruit to very little fruit and vegetables and large amounts of bread, rice and meat.

“Historically, Africans ate a variety of 2000 different fruits and vegetables,” said Dr. Roger R. Roff, product developer and chief executive officer of Restorative Health Advocate. “Once the Africans were removed from their native environment and given a new, nutritionally restrictive and unfamiliar diet that their systems were not genetically designed to eat or appropriately digest, their vital physiological systems began to fail.”

MiGENETICS African Origin includes native whole-food sources from vegetables and fruits that the genes of people of African descent are programmed to respond to, which presents a complete compatible nutritional supplement. It also provides essential enzymes to help digest food and absorb the nutrients.

“It is believed by nutritionists that we lose 13 percent of our enzymes every 10 years after the age of 20,” said Dr. Gary Green, a pharmacist who provided extensive analysis of the product. “Unfortunately, in the African-American population there has not been a recovery from the time they were introduced to Western civilization food. So, every offspring that is born is paying the price for what occurred many years ago.”

In addition to native whole foods and enzymes, active ingredients in MiGENETICS African Origin include all natural, whole-foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, ancient grains, probiotics, eight essential simple sugars, millions of phytonutrients and anti-oxidant-rich berries. The cornerstone of the supplement is the Amaranth sprout, used by indigenous healers around the world and often referred to as the ‘grain sent by God.’ Amaranth includes all 18 amino acids and provides nearly 100,000 phytonutrients, twice the calcium of cow’s milk, three times more niacin than spinach and 15 times more iron than tomatoes.

The active ingredients found in MiGENETICS African Origin not only work to fortify modern day diets, but also counteract the negative effects of processed foods commonly consumed by African-American men, women and children. By taking this supplement, for perhaps the first time in 400 years, African-Americans will be receiving a sufficient quantity and quality of the various types of nutritional elements their physiological systems have been lacking. As a result, the supplement helps to boost energy, enhance cognitive skills, improve muscle tone, improve quality of sleep, promote stronger immune function, lower stress, combat disease and nutritionally pave the way for a longer life.

“We created MiGENETICS with the intent to blend together the most complete version of historic foods, providing people of different genetic origins the native nutrition they lacked,” said Dr. Roff. “Rarely, does something come along that has so much potential to help so many people fight and win the battle against debilitating diseases. But when it happens, it is up to us to seize the day and take charge of our future health and take responsibility for the health of our family and children.”

Visit to read the “African-American Nutritional Supplement Manual,” view a brief video overview and learn more about MiGENETICS African Origin. For purchasing information and to learn about affiliate opportunities, call (877) 342-2111.

MiGENETICS is also available for consumers of Asian, European and Hispanic origin.


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