Evident Prediction: Dentists and Dental Labs Alike Will Soon Ask: "What Did We Ever Do Before the Evident Dentist Gateway?"

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Evident is a dental lab management software company that provides a fully web based system for dental labs in North America. The Dentist Gateway is one of Evident’s many modules that provide dental labs with comprehensive lab management tools.

Evident Dental Lab Software

What did we do before…?

Every now and then a new technology comes along that makes the old way of doing things inconceivable. The electronic sharing of cases and account information between dentists and dental labs is just such a step forward.

So what is the Evident Dentist Gateway? In simple terms, it is a website a dental lab integrates into its own to allow dentists to access their cases and account information 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with ease. The gateway reduces the time and cost of operating both the dental practice and the dental lab by providing basic information at the convenience of the dental practice without the need to contact the lab. Labs that don’t have their own web sites will be provided for, courtesy of Evident.

Although Evident can be configured to honor fixed turnarounds, a web approach can open the door to honest, lab-friendly scheduling. Dentists enter the date when the case will be ready for the lab and receive a return date based on the lab’s ability to deliver consistent restorations. Only then can the patient appointment be entered. Consistency in the schedule will support consistency in the product.

No matter the motivation for using the Evident Gateway, it opens the door to better communication, and communication is the key to happy labs, happy dentists, and happy patients. Dentists find answers to their questions: questions like, has my case arrived at the lab? Is it finished? Has it shipped? Cases shipped with couriers that support web shipment tracking can even be tracked directly by the dental practice through the gateway. Dental practice staff can also send messages, attach photos and files to cases, view technical preferences and financial information without picking up the phone or scattering information by sending attachments via email.

What makes the proposition of using the Evident Gateway most powerful is that it is good for both the dental lab and the dental practice. It is easier for both the practice not to have to pick up the phone and it is easier for the lab not to have to answer it.

Having established that web access adds convenience for customers, also note that bringing dentists to the lab website every day to access the Evident Gateway promotes the lab brand and promotes customer loyalty. This gateway web traffic affords targeted marketing and education opportunities going forward.

Better communications, better scheduling, time savings for lab and practice, customer loyalty, marketing opportunities – surely there’s a catch? There is no catch. No need for expensive hardware, no fixed IP or special Internet connection, no limit on the number of dentists who can log in, no transaction costs. A small, one-time fee and the cost of integrating with the lab’s website puts a lab on the World Wide Web with an interface that says professional, modern, service-oriented dental lab poised for the 21st century. Moving into the arena of the web opens a world of possibilities for communications options that will take us to the next great “What did we do before…?”


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