Web Traffic Testing Website Completes First Test Using The Website Traffic Makers Service

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Trafficto.us (http://www.trafficto.us), is a website created for the purpose of testing the quality of web traffic generation products. The first test was recently completely using the Website Traffic Makers service and will be used as an initial benchmark for tests of upcoming traffic generation services.

Trafficto.us (http://www.trafficto.us) is a website that launched in September 2010 specifically for the purpose of testing a new multi-level marketing service called Website Traffic Makers. In the past month Website Traffic Makers has been rapidly expanding its membership, but with no unbiased research on their services its hard for new potential members to know if they have legitimately good products or are selling snake oil. Trafficto.us is trying to fill that void by writing about the service from the perspective of a user who signed up for the service.

The founder of Trafficto.us bought a 10,000 Targeted Visitors package for $149.95 from the Website Traffic Makers service. Initially the traffic was directed at a New York City based property management website to test how targeted the traffic is. After 377 referred visitors from 62 countries with an average on site time of 8 seconds it was decided that the traffic is not targeted enough for such a location and topic specialized website.

After the first experiment http://www.trafficto.us was created to be not location specific and much broader in topic. In addition to being the target of the traffic generation campaign the site would also serve as a journal of the experiment. "If I succeeded in having value added traffic sent to my site people should know how I did it and if I fail they should know as well," says founder Barry Gitarts.

Despite the difference in websites, the type of traffic delivered was always widely dispersed among countries with a similar average on site time indicating no actual targeting. Further investigation shows both sites receiving similar traffic proportionally from different countries with Germany and Philippines respectively sending more traffic then any other single countries. Both sites also show European and Asian traffic accounted for nearly 88% of all traffic sent. Website Traffic Makers says the campaign was targeted for English speaking countries and considers most of the traffic sent to the sites as English speaking.

The quality of traffic was evaluated by frequency of visitors, length of stay, geography of visitors, languages of visitors and profitability of visitors which was tested through a web advertising arbitrage attempt. Web advertising arbitrage is when payed for traffic is then resold for a profit. Advertisements were put on the targeted site using Google's AdSense program, which pays websites a portion of Google's ad revenue for displaying ads on their website. When a visitor clicks an ad, Google AdSense keeps track of it and credits the publishers account. From 2,174 visits over 5 days the eCPM (how much a site will make per thousand views of ads) is $0.19. Since 10,000 visits were to be delivered the ad revenue expected is $1.90. The cost of 10,000 impressions from Website Traffic Makers is $149.95 or nearly 80 times more than the expected revenue generated from the traffic. Trafficto.us has spoken to management of the Website Traffic Makers service and they challenge the site to try running $150 campaigns from other services and compare the results. At the present time Trafficto.us does not have the data for comparison but will be running such tests over the next few weeks. Results will be posted at http://www.trafficto.us.

Another issue was the difference in visitors counted by Google analytics and the amount Website Traffic Makers claims to have delivered. While Website Traffic Makers claims to have delivered 10,000 visitors, Google analytics shows 3,134 visitors between the two sites, indicating that Website Traffic Makers under-delivered by 6,866 visitors. Management at Website Traffic Makers has told Trafficto.us that Google analytics can often be wrong and the site should be using a service such as Sitecounter in addition to Google analytics. In the interest of being objective and verifying data, Trafficto.us has plans to implement Website Traffic Makers recommendation over the next few weeks.

After speaking to management of Website Traffic Makers, Trafficto.us will expand on the tests by running similar campaigns to test the relative value of the services. The site will continue to write about Website Traffic Makers as new results become available and will also focus its efforts on evaluating other web traffic generation methods.


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