BAM Radio Reports Stats From Sponsored Pilot Programs

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Initial series response rates, engagement rates and conversions surpass expectations

Today, BAM Radio Network, the education station online, released performance statistics on the initial series of sponsored programs on the network. The pilot series involved five sponsors and ten campaigns launched between November 20, 2009 and August 30th 2010. Sponsors included GOJO/Purell, School Health Corporation, Cardiac Science, LCR Hallcrest and Good-Lite Company and Hallmark/ Crayola.

The sponsored content was branded and embedded in segments on NASN radio, the channel hosted by the National Association of School Nurses. The Crayola campaign was embedded on NAESP Radio, the channel for the National Association of Elementary School Principals and ran across the BAM Radio affiliate network. The first nine campaigns were executed based on the company's Nanocasting model of "pushing" hyper-targeted programming directly to the target audience -- similar to a direct mail campaign. The Crayola campaign was distributed "on demand" on BAM Radio at and across the BAM Radio Network affiliate stations.

The response rates on the "pushed" programs ranged from 4.7% of the total targeted audience, on the low end, to 57.8% on the high end. Eliminating the two extremes, the remaining campaigns yielded between 24.44% and 46% -- well above the 10% response rate projected by the Nanocasting model.

The response rates were measured based on actual click-throughs to listen to the program. Successfully accessing the programming required three discrete interactions reflecting a high level of interest and engagement with the content.

The most successful campaign in the series realized a response rate of 26.1% in 8 hours, a 24-hour response rate of 33% and 42.8% after seven days. According to the client, the campaign's conversion rate was 22.26% with 2,226 people acting on the offer and clicking through to the sponsors site. In addition, the segment subsequently garnered an award for the National Association of School Nurses from the American Society of Association Executives and The Center for Association Leadership, for Excellence in Association Communications. The award renewed interest in the segment and subscriptions to the program drove it to number eight on iTunes Top Education List. Based on the performance of this campaign, the sponsor, GOJO Purell, extended the campaign and doubled their commitment.

"The results of the pilot program have met and exceeded our expectations as well as our client's. Based on the consistent response and engagement rates of the10 initial sponsored campaigns we believe we have a breakthrough model and are working on an initiative to extend its reach across the network," said Rae Pica, co-founder of BAM Radio Network.

The Nanocasting Model

In contrast to broadcasting, which blankets large audiences with content while actually aiming to reach a much smaller subset, Nanocasting's aim is precision targeting of the right people, with the right message at the right time. Nanocasting is more precise than broadcasting or narrowcasting by a factor of 1,000 and 100 respectively. Although the total numbers targeted are lower than broadcasting, the people reached are highly interested in the content, highly engaged and significantly more receptive to the sponsor's message. Consequently, the model delivers what sponsors want most, to reach the people who are interested, measurable response and ROI.

About NASN Radio

The National Association of School Nurses is a non-profit specialty nursing organization, organized in 1968 and incorporated in 1977, representing school nurses exclusively. NASN has over 14,000 members and 51 affiliates, including the District of Columbia and overseas. The mission of NASN is to improve the health and educational success of children and youth by developing and providing leadership to advance the school nursing practice.

About BAM Radio Network

The BAM Radio Network is the largest online, education radio network for parents, teachers, administrators, advocates, journalists, legislators and all people interested in education-related topics. The network offers 21 channels of education programming available on demand and hosted by the nation's leading educators and advocates. The network is a joint venture between privately held New Hampshire-based Moving & Learning and Los Angeles-based Jackstreet Media Ventures LLC. The programming is produced by social media strategist and Emmy-winning broadcaster Errol St. Clair Smith and distributed through the Affiliate Nanocasting Network

The Best Educational Reporting Team

BAM Radio Network has assembled the heads of the education community's leading associations to bring you the most insightful, accurate, relevant and up-to-date information on the education issues people really care about. The on-air hosts include:

  • Dr. Jerlean Daniel, executive director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Dr. Gerald Tirozzi, executive director of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
  • Dr. William B. Harvey, executive director of the International Reading Association
  • Gail Connelly, executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Dan Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators
  • Yasmina Vinci, executive director of the National Head Start Association
  • Paul Young, president and CEO of the National Afterschool Association
  • John Musso, executive director of the Association of School Business Officials
  • Brian Crowe, executive director/CEO of the National Association of Child Care Professionals
  • Amy Garcia, executive director of the National Association of School Nurses
  • Jodi Grant, executive director of the Afterschool Alliance
  • Linda Geigle, executive director of the National Association for Family Child Care
  • Dr. Eric Karolak, executive director of Early Childhood Education Consortium
  • Sherry Waugh, president of the National Coalition for Campus Children's Centers
  • Diane Whitehead, executive director of the Association for Childhood Education International

These education advocates are at the center of their respective communities and have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on moment by moment. Their programs are an invaluable resource for reporters, advocates, activists, legislators, analysts, parents, educators, administrators and anyone interested in transforming education.

Insightful Commentary

To bring a wider, richer perspective to listeners, BAM Radio augments its team of expert hosts with a cadre of accomplished journalists who provide insightful commentary. BAM's core of on-air commentators includes Jay Mathews, education columnist with the Washington Post; Debra Viadero, associate editor at Education Week; Lisa Guernsey, Director of New America's Early Education Initiative, former staff writer at the New York Times and contributor to Early Ed Watch; Liz Willen, formerly with Newsday and Bloomberg Markets magazine and currently with the Hechinger Institute; Valerie Strauss, education columnist with the Washington Post; and Ugo Uche of Psychology Today.

Combined, this team of hosts and commentators provides a panoramic perspective and exceptional insight on the education issues of the day.


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