Do Pheromones Work? Dutch Dating Guru On A Collision Course With Peers Over The Legitimacy Of Women Attracting Pheromones…

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In a fiery blog post last week, Dutch dating guru Dennis Miedema accused several of his dating advice giving peers of being fake and only out for money because they promote one of the fastest growing trends in the dating game that has no scientific proof to back it up (yet): women attracting pheromones. But do pheromones work?

These days, single men who distrust pick up artists and pheromones are the smart ones. Every single guy should get smart and not believe in fake "instant solutions" like pheromones that have not been proven and probably will never be proven to work.

Recent surveys have shown that the consumer loves the idea of a “magic pill”: take ABC and fat will disappear overnight, take DEF and rock hard abs by tomorrow are the result. Pheromones are just one among many promises of instant solutions: use XYZ and a steady stream of hot women is guaranteed. But the question dating guru for men Dennis Miedema asks is simple:

“Where’s the proof that pheromones work?”

Dennis elaborates: “Few well-controlled scientific projects have ever been published suggesting the possibility of pheromones in humans. And those studies that claimed to have found evidence that women attracting pheromones exist and work? They have all been heavily criticized for having methodological flaws. Plus, there was no effect to be found when the scientists re-analyzed the data. These fake studies were only done to justify the existence of a pheromone products producing industry. There is no proof!”

Dennis Miedema continues: “Meanwhile, more than 110,000 people globally are searching for the term “pheromones” on a monthly basis via Google. That is where the fiery blog post comes from: someone needs to stop this industry that has no reason at all for existing, but is still ripping thousands of single men off by asking money for pheromone products that do not even freaking work!”

He goes on to say: “The worst part of the story is that peers, so other dating gurus who give advice to men, eagerly promote these pheromone products claiming they’re the best thing since sliced bread. These are big names too: people like Ross Jeffries and Joseph Matthews for example. Thousands of followers of these gurus, because they believe in their “guru”, end up buying pheromone garbage that does not work. And the gurus themselves? They get rich by earning 50 to 90 bucks per pheromone product sold. They sell out to an industry that has no legitimacy and disrespect their followers that believe in them, all to make a quick buck. They should be ashamed of themselves!”

One can’t help but wonder if the aforementioned dating gurus can talk themselves out of this pheromones situation, after Dennis Miedema also exposed several gurus and so-called “pick up artists” to be liars earlier this year, with their (fake) top 10’s of the best pick up artists while no consumer got to vote on anyone.

He seems to be on a collision course with his peers over the legitimacy of many practices in the dating advice industry, but he doesn’t appear to be planning to stop with his rebellious streak any time soon, because Dennis Miedema concludes:

“Single men looking to other men to help them get a date after they got hurt by women in the past or became real insecure are vulnerable guys. These vultures like Ross Jeffries and Joseph Matthews who dare to call themselves dating gurus abuse this knowledge for their own good by offering women attracting pheromones as a solution, a fake solution. These days, single men who distrust pick up artists and pheromones are the smart ones. Every single guy should get smart and not believe in instant solutions like pheromones that have not been proven and probably will never be proven to work.”

Dennis Miedema is the author of The Simple Inner Game System and a trusted authority on dating advice for men, including how to meet women online. During the last 2 years, he has helped at least 2,321 men approach 18,568 women, get 4,642 phone numbers, and go on 1,547 dates. If not more.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (an association for dating instructors) and dating gurus such as Carlos Xuma, Nick Savoy and Adam Lyons for giving top notch quality dating advice for men and for exposing the truth behind sensitive topics such as pheromones and pick up artists.

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